Indian’s permission for investment is a trap


LAHORE, Aug. 2: Ameer, Jamaat eIslami,Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has termed India’s permission to Pakistanis to invest as a trap, and a plan to destabilize this country in every respect. He has appealed to patriotic citizens and businessmen not to fall in this trap of Pakistan’s Enemy No. One.

            In a statement here, he said thatIndiawas continuously trying to weaken this country under a plan. Its water aggression against the country was going on.Indiahad built 62 dams over the Pakistani rivers and was denying this country its share of water. It wanted to convertPakistanin to a desert and destroy its industry, agriculture and economy so thatPakistanbecame totally dependant and was forced import every thing fromIndia. This was part of New Delhi’s scheme to emerge as regional policeman, and it enjoyed fullUSbacking in this plan. The Pakistani rulers were fully assisting that country through their wrong policies.

He said that the on going energy crisis had been created to compel the capitalists shift their capital abroad.  Almost 40 per cent of the country’s industry had already shifted toBangladeshand the rest could be tempted by the Indian offer.

Referring to the rulers wrong policies, Syed Munawar Hasan said that at first, the hands of the Pakistanis were tied by opening trade withIndia. Later,Indiawas allowed a corridor toAfghanistanand now NATO and theUSwere given free hand to carry any thing toAfghanistanthrough this country. With all these steps, the country’s independence and sovereignty had been compromised. The enemy was violating our borders every day but neither the armed forces nor the civilian rulers were bothered.

  JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, in his statement, said thatIndia’s move to allow investment was a conspiracy. He said initially,Indiahad declaredPakistanits favorite for trade.Islamabadresponded to this gesture. However, the trade between the two neighbours showed huge losses to this country and heavy profits forIndia. 

Liaqat Baloch noted that thePakistan’s economy was primarily agrarian and was dependent on river water.Kashmirwhich was the life line ofPakistanwas inIndia’s hand whileIndiahad built dozens of dams over Pakistani rivers to ruin its agriculture. At the same time, he said,Indiawas involved in terrorism in this country especially in Balochistan. Therefore, he said, the Pakistani capitalists should demonstrate their love for the country by turning down the Indian offer.