India’s NSA Summit an abortive attempt to undo spoiler image

72 an abortive attempt to undo

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Having faced strategic losses in Afghanistan after US withdrawal, India plans to host the NSA-level summit in New Delhi next week, which the analysts believe, was nothing but an attempt to cover up its image of “spoiler” and try to enhance its relevance in the region.

Being well-cognizant of India’s true face and negative role in the region particularly in Afghanistan, a key regional stakeholder Pakistan had already declined India’s invitation to be part of the summit.

“I will not go! I am not going … a spoiler cannot be a peacemaker,” Moeed Yusuf told media when asked whether he planned to go to attend the Summit on the invitation of Indian counterpart Ajit Doval.

According to Indian media, China has not yet confirmed its participation in the summit which was being keenly watched.

“Aside from Pakistan, another country that is yet to respond to India’s invitation is China,” Indian news agency ANI reported Friday.

“China has not responded yet to India’s invite,” DNA also reported.

For the Summit scheduled to be held on November 10, India had invited Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The defense and security analysts are of the view that India always used Afghanistan as a staging ground and a second front against Pakistan.

“India has become irrelevant on Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US-led international forces from Afghanistan. It is desperately trying to stage a comeback,” said Executive Director of Islamabad Policy Research Institute Hussain Nadim.

He said with the equation disturbed after the emergence of a new political reality in Afghanistan, India was deeply worried about its strategic losses.

Coupled with the fact that China has also foiled the Indian project in Ladakh by completely out manoeuvring India through the use of force.

Analysts in several think tanks were appreciative of Pakistan‘s decision of non-participation in the NSA Summit in New Delhi which had dealt a blow to India.

Haris Saeed, a researcher at the Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies said, “Spoilers cannot be peacebuilders. India is no more relevant vis-à-vis Afghanistan… India is in conflict with every neighbour and it is just illogical to consider India as a peacemaker.”

“The meaningless conference holds little importance for the regional actors and Afghanistan itself, whom India abandoned when the govt in Kabul fell… The conference remains irrelevant without Pakistan’s presence whose stance on the matter is clear “spoilers cannot be Dove of peacemakers,” said foreign policy analyst Aisha Saeed on Twitter.

Hussain Nadim said Pakistan had participated in all the major regional forums on Afghanistan to bring stability and help Afghan masses. It has proactively interacted with Central Asian States, Russia, China, Qatar and other players as a responsible regional player.

“However, Pakistan believes that spoilers like India cannot be treated as peacebuilder. For last two decades, India has duped the international community in Afghanistan, promoted fake narratives and wrong perceptions of Western success in Afghanistan and used Afghan soil to foment terrorism against Pakistan,” the IPRI head commented.

Under these circumstances, NSAs Summit will be a flop show, he believed.

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