Industrial and CNG stations shut down schedule for Sindh


Karachi (PR): All the CNG stations will close their operation completely for one day and no gas sales would be allowed to the vehicles in whole Sindh region during this shut down period. The industrial sector would also observe only one day shut down as usual on Sunday January 12, 2014.

In compliance with sectoral priority order for gas load management, during the coming week, SSGC has announced the schedule for Ist. shutdown for coming week. According to media release of SSGC, all CNG stations in Sindh will remain closed from 08:00 am on Monday 13th January 2014, till 08:00 am on Tuesday 14th January, 2014 for 24 hours.

CNG stations found operative during this period will have their gas supply disconnected. SSGC authorities have also advised the owners of the CNG Stations not to fill CNG in such vehicles, where safety of installation of CNG cylinders / piping is not ensured.

All the industrial and captive power units in whole Sindh region will observe the gas shut for one day, which will stars from 7 am on Sunday 12th January 2014 and will end at 7am on Monday 13th January, 2014. The surveillance teams will be monitoring compliance and have been fully authorized to disconnect gas supply for 48 hours of any customer found violating the above schedule.

SSGC regrets the inconvenience which may be caused to CNG users and industrialists during the above notified shut down period.