Insulin is life saving drug. It should be started in the early stage, not at the end stage of Diabetes: Prof. Zaman Shaikh


KARACHI: A seminar was organised by Sir Syed college of Medical Sciences, Karachi, on the ocassion of World Diabetes Day.  On this event, the Director of Diabetes and Endocrine Centre and Professor of Medicine, Prof. Zaman Shaikh emphasised that many types of insulin are available in Pakistan market and every type of insulin is not suitable for every individual with Diabetes. He said that insulin is needed from day 1 of the diagnosis of Type I Diabetes to save the life of the patient till the last day of his/her life. On the other hand, 50% of Type II Diabetes patients require insulin eventually 10 years after the diagnosis of this disease. This is because beta cells in the pancreas are exhausted by this time and body needs insulin from outside to save the life of the patients and to prevent complications. He emphasised that many new insulins will be available in the near future, duration of which may last for 1 week.

Efforts are going on to administer insulin orally in form of capsules, under- the-tongue-sprays, inhalers, as skin patches and through nose. He also spoke on the sites in the body where insulin may be injected. He also signified that there are only two sites in the body where insulin can be injected, one, front of upper thigh and second, in the lower abdomen away from umblicus under the skin. He advised that life style modifications like reduction of body weight, daily exercise , walk, balanced diet, proper sleep and quit smoking should always be there whether patient is taking insulin or not.

Chief Guest of the ocassion and Secretary General of Diabetic Association of Pakistan, Prof. Samad Shera, stressed upon that 14th November is selected as ‘World Diabetes Day’ throughout the world to celebrate the birth date of Fredrick Banting, who introduced insulin in 1922 and as a result was  awarded with noble prize. He highlighted upon the challenges of 21st century, “To develop management strategies that do not place the mother, infant or sebsequent generations at risk of diabetes”. He stated that at present there are 371 million people with diabetes in the World. This figure will rise to 552 million by the year 2030 globally. In Pakistan ,currently there are 6.6 million people with diabetes. This figure will increase to 13.8 million in the year 2030. He highlighted that diabetes as the one of the most sharpely rising prevalent disease worldwide. The major cause of diabetes is cental obesity and we should fight it to prevent diabetes. Burgers and junk foods are like weapons of mass destruction. He further quoted, “Water is the only drink for the wise men and women.”

Prof. M. H. Usmani talked about the kidney complications in diabetes. He expressed his views on pre-disposing factors which lead to kidney failure in diabetes like uncontrolled blood sugar, high cholestrol, raised blood pressure levels and smoking. He also gave importance to check protein levels in the urine at regular intervals to see the early effects of diabetes on the kidneys.

On this ocassion Prof. Zeenat Ayoob, Principal Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, Dr. Moinuddin Shaikh,  Chairman of Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences, Professor Iqbal Memon and Dr. (Brig.) Muhammad Waseem also addressed.