International Club of Pakistan Juniors under 16 tennis team for Japan & Thailand


Karachi (PR): International Club of Pakistan is sending four Juniors to Japan & Thailand to participate in the IC junior challenge competition In Tokyo and  Team Completion at Bengkok Thail;and. Tokyo event is due to be held 21/23 Sept.and Thailand Matches shall be played on 26th September.  Pakistan Juniors team has been selected from outstanding Juniors between 14-16 who have performed successfully in tournaments in Karachi.

The tour has been arranged by IC Pakistan with support of the parents who were anxious for the boys to get intend International exposure  in the prestigious event considering the most rigorous visa requirement for Japanese visa it was not an easy task to get visas for the team. However with the most active support of IC Japan this task was accomplished to the satisfaction of all concerned.    Thailand Visa is expected to be received next week.

Team will leave for Tokyo on 19th September by Cathay Pacific Airways by  at 00-30 am in the night. Team is comprised of   1- Muhammad Ibrahim  Iltifat  – Player, 2- Muhammad Raza Sawani – Player, 3- Nazif Ahmed –Player, 4- Hasan Farooq-Player, 5- Muhammad Khalid Rehmani –  Manager