Intra party élections in PTI France

119 PTI France

Paris, France (Yaser Ilyas): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) France’s intra-party elections are being held on October 26. In the intra-party elections, candidates from PTI France have been announced for two panels (Insaf Panel and Nazriati Panel).

Insaf panel candidats are- Shaikh Naimat Ullah

Shaikh Naimat Ullah-President Raja Tahir

Raja Tahir- General Secretary Athar Waraich

Athar Warraich-Additional Secretary Inam Ullah Syed

Inamullah Syed- Information Secretary

Asifa Hashmi Women Secretary

Nazriati panel Candidates are- Malik Abid

Malik Abid-President Afzal Gondal- General Secretary Majid Cheema

Majid Cheema- Senior Vice President Akhlaq Ahmed

Akhlaq Ahmed-Information Secretary Ishtiaq Dhal

Ishtiaq Dhal- Additional General Secretary

Samina Roohi- woman secretary

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