Iran’s “Gold Runner” to compete in competition section of Duhok International Film Festival


Iran: Iranian film the “Gold Runner” directed by Touraj Aslani would participate in the competition section of the ” World Cinema” of 7th Duhok International Film Festival in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Produced by Mansour Sohrabpour, the film will be displayed in two scenes on September 11-12 in the World Cinema section of the event.

Several films from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Macedonia, Chili, Argentina, Ukraine, Syria and Nepal are vying in the section.

Distributed by Arthood International Company, the film has so far attended in New Currents section of Busan International Film Festival in South Korea.

Gold Runner” is the first directed film by Aslani, who has so far received several international awards as camera managers of numerous films.

Duhok International Film Festival, remembered by renowned director Yilmaz Güney, winner of the 1982 Cannes International Film Festival’s Gold Palm Award, has been established aimed at bridging the link between Kurdish filmmakers and directors around the world, as well as creating cultural exchange between different nations.

The feature-length, short and documentary films will compete in competitive and non-competitive sectors of the festival such as “World Cinema “, “Kurdish Cinema “, “World Cinema Perspective”, “Kurdistan Cinema Panorama“, “Special Screening” slated for Sep 9-16.

The films will be displayed in various cinema halls including Congress, Duhok university and Mazi Mall in Duhok city. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567)