Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Karachi


“Government, PEMRA and civil society should play their role for the prevention of culture of immodesty and vulgarism on the pretext of business promotion. Women should realize they have been exploited on the pretext of freedom of expression and becoming a celebrity”



 while expressing grave concern on spread of nudity and vulgarism through Pakistani private television channels, outdoor advertisers and organizers of fashion shows and cat walks has said that the spread of nudity and vulgarism was a planned conspiracy against the Pakistani and the forces behind the conspiracy were bent upon tarnishing the Islamic norms and values. JI was concerned over the situation and would not sit idle and would impart its struggle for the elimination of the menace. The commercial activities were sign of prosperity but the conspirators had deliberately converted the rights of publicity into a menace of vulgarity by incorporating women in semi-nude display of TV and outdoor billboard sinages. All such activities were in absolute contradiction of Islam, constitution of Pakistan, norms and values of society and rules and regulations of Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority. The advertising agencies had under the dictation of foreign masters exploited the economic crunch and they drove the TV channels and outdoor advertisers to blind alley.


He was addressing a press conference at Idara-e Noor-e Haq Thursday. JI Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui, Deputy Chief Nasarullah Shaji, Information Secretary Sarfaraz Ahmed, Maulana Ibrahim Hanif, Maulana Faqeer Hussain Hijazi, Maulana Habib Ahmed Hanafi of Jamiat Ittehad Al Ulema were present.

Naseem Siddiqui and Nasarullah Shaji also addressed.


The women had been exploited on the pretext of fame and the situation had prevented the parents and brothers and sisters to watch TV due to vulgar presentation of women in TV commercials. The youth in particular had been targeted. The conspirators had through advertisement agencies deliberated involvement of women in even products that belonged to men’s use only, he said adding that there was no doubt that the media had played a pivotal role in imparting awareness on various issues but on the other hand, it had excelled in spread of nudity on the pretext of business and had ignored that their children would also not stay safe from the side-effects. The electronic media is making leaps and bounds in spreading nudity and vulgar culture of business promotions.

In a recent Gallop Survey, it was revealed that the Pakistani youth had topped the list of those that searched the pornographic material on the Internet and that was the initial outcome of impact of media’s exercise on the minds of the youth, he said.


The overall situation was a candid proof that the state machinery was directly patronizing the promoters of nudity and vulgarity in the country. The PEMRA and any state-run institution failed to exercise their role to stop the culture of nudity. The JI had always been active against the promotions of nudity and vulgarism in the country and that the JI would never allow the media become a resource centre of nudity, immodest activities and vulgar culture. The JI women wing and girls of the Jamiat had also waged a war against the promoters of nudity, he said.

He informed that the JI had then decided to launch a decisive campaign against the promotion of nudity under its programme, “Reforms in the Society and Prevention of vulgarity” and for which, the JI would hold a large Ulema Convention at the Idara-e Noor-e Haq on April 22 at 10 am. The JI office-bearers would in this regard call on owners and responsible of media, members of civil society with an appeal to save the youth from destruction. The advertisers would also be contacted and would be convinced of abandoning the cheap business, which also destroyed their life hereinafter.

Mahenti said that some influential in Pakistani Media Houses have been bent upon replacing Western and Hindu culture in the country for which the most appealing tool, the media has been selected to brain wash the youth of the country. The bounty of vulgar dialogues, obscene and nude presentation of characters in TV commercials and focus on violation, special crime stories that are based on corruption, etc are part of mesmerizing the minds of the youth and like a slow poison, these attempts are meant to ruin the Pakistani society. The psychological effects of those TV commercials, news, plays and special packages have now started yielding out their negative effects. There is a flood of nudity and vulgarism in Pakistani media while on the other hands, the outdoor advertisers have also added their share to the spread of nudity and vulgarity.

Mahenti said that cultural and traditional values are the integrated parts of any specific nation in the world and unfortunately, the spread of nudity and obscene TV commercials, plays and outdoor advertisements have at the behest of enemies of Pakistan and Islam wreaked havoc. The perpetrators have done much damage to the cultural and traditional identity of the Pakistan. He said that the fashion show organizers and their patrons in TV channels and fabric manufacturing companies have presented women in an entirely cheap commodity while Islam held women in high status and esteem. Women should also realize that they have been used as only a tool on the pretext of fame and popularity. He warned all nudity-spreading groups of stern accountability and irreversible punishment here and hereinafter on the Day of Judgment. He stressed upon the entire Pakistani nation that they should raise their voice against the nudity and those, who are responsible for that conspiracy against Pakistan and Islam. People should boycott all such TV channels that promote the nudity and vulgarism because they are promoting foreign agenda. Cable operators have also become a supporting tool in the spread of the menace of vulgarism and immoral activities. Cable operators should stop airing Hindi films, he demanded.

Mahenti demanded of the PEMRA to play its role against the TV channels and cable operators for violating rules and regulations of the PEMRA. He said that the JI would soon launch an awareness campaign against the promoters of nudity and vulgarism in the country especially women and youth of the country. He demanded the government of immediate stoppage of anti-Islam and unethical nude promotional business because these were anti-Islam, Anti-Pakistan and against the constitution of Pakistan. Spread and promotion of nudity on the pretext of freedom of expression should not be allowed and implementation of PEMRA rules and regulations should be made 100% and those TV channels and newspapers that had been violating PEMRA should be dealt with stern actions. The PEMRA should block all nudity promoting websites. The government should play its constitutional duty to promote modest culture and stop the promotion of immodest, vulgar and nude material.

He said that JI would also take orators and Imams of Masjids to deliver special sermons in Friday prayers congregations.

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