Lahore, June 30: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan reacting to the statement of Secretary Foreign Affairs has termed it against Pakistan’s autonomy, security and integrity.

Earlier the secretary foreign affairs said the reopening of NATO supply line was in favor of Pakistan itself.

He said the US many on occasions had categorically said she would not apologize for Salala Check Post attack and continue drone attacks.

He expressed these views while talking to various public delegations here at Mansoora on Saturday. He recalled that Parliament put conditions to resume the NATO supply including apology from the US and stoppage of drone attacks. However, the US kicked against these terms.

He said the time to seek apology from the US had passed. “Now the issue is of national interests, execution of Parliament’s resolutions and its respect,” he added.

Syed Munawar Hasan advised the Secretary Foreign Affairs that he should not worry about pull out of US and its allied forces. Earlier, the secretary foreign affairs said if the NATO supply was not restored it would be difficult for the US to draw its forces from Afghanistan. “Pulling out of Afghanistan is US concern not of Pakistan, JI Ameer said.

He warned that if the NATO supply was reopened the terror activities would increase in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He said the US had imposed a war on Pakistan and Afghanistan under the grab of War on Terror. “Accordingly, the US has become an enemy of Pakistan so the NATO supply should not be restored at any cost,” he added.

He said Pakistan had sacrificed much more than any other but the US had waged an unannounced against Pakistan on the name of War on Terror.

He held US responsible for all kind of crises Pakistan was facing and said it wanted to get control of Pakistan’s nuclear program.

He said though Pakistan has given support to US interests at all levels and provided its soil, air route and logistic support to US even then US with the help of Israel and India was hatching conspiracies against Pakistan.

“It is US that has worsened Balochistan situation. Its Black Water is indulged in terrorist activities and even then Pakistan rulers seem to be given up to the US and India and, more than that, India is being given way to Afghanistan on the name of trade,” he added.

JI Ameer said those who expected any benefit from the US live in fool paradise.

He said Pakistan could not cope with its problems until it pull out from War on Terror and refuse to execute its ‘do more’ dictation. So the rulers should come out of War on Terror as soon as possible, he added.