JI/ PTI announce three point common agenda

LAHORE, June 28: The Jamaat e Islami and the Pakistan Tehrik e Insa’f have agreed to launch joint  struggle for upholding the supremacy of the constitution with all out support to the Supreme Court, for holding free, fair and transparent elections under an independent Election Commission and for an end to military operations and drone attacks.

            A four member delegation of the PTI led by Imran Khan called on the JI Ameer at Mansoora Thursday and the two leaders discussed the political situation obtaining in the country. The meeting lasted for about one and a half hours. JI deputy chiefs Prof. Khurshid Ahmed, Dr Muhammad Kamal, Ch. Muhammad Aslam Saleemi, and JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, were also present.

             After the meeting, the PTI chief told media personnel that the two parties had decided to foil all conspiracies against the Chief Justice Pakistan and the Supreme Court.

He said that corrupt mafia was hatching conspiracies against the judiciary. Plunderers had ganged up in the name of democracy and wanted to demolish the constitution and constitutional institutions. However, the JI and the PTI would frustrate the evil designs of such elements. 

The two leaders called for setting up an agreed interim government involving all the stake holders for ensuring free and transparent elections. They demanded that names of the people killed in the drone attacks and military operations launched in the name of terrorism should be disclosed so that the people knew the facts. They also called for implementation of the Supreme Court directives in regard to the missing persons.

             The JI Ameer told newsmen that the JI and the PTI were already in agreement on several points. The PTI was also striving for the establishment of an Islamic government in the country. Both the parties had been apprising the rulers of their weaknesses and had also been educating the masses about the rulers misdeeds.

            He said that free, fair and transparent elections were the only way for a change in the country.

            Imran Khan slated the election of Raja Pervez Ashraf as Prime Minister and said the solve motive was to protect Zardari’s corruption. He said that the National Assembly had been reduced to an auction house and MNAs were being won over in exchange for billions for the sake of ministries. He said the PTI wont enter into an election alliance with a party striving for status quo.

.           He said the JI was the only party that could be trusted and it stood to its principles.

            In reply to a question, the PTI chief said that the armed forces should not have any role in the formation of the government. 

JI demands restoration of trains from Narowal to Sialkot

Lahore, June 28: Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Liaqat Baloch has demanded of the government and railway authorities to resume the trains from Narowal to Sialkot.

Earlier soon after a train was set ablaze at Kamonki near Gojranwala the railway authorities stopped the train on that route. 

In a statement issued here at Mansoora on Wednesday, he said due to stoppage of trains on this route, thousands of poor people including students, women, children and senior citizens were facing troubles.

Condemning the train arsenal he demanded of the government to bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible. However, stoppage of trains for this was totally unfair.

He said the railway had already been facing a serious crisis and if these trains were not resumed the crisis would deepen the economic loss.

He said the JI was always with the people and would continue to raise its voice for the rights of poor people at all levels.

JI solidarity Rally for Burmese Muslims today from Quid’s Mausoleum

KARACHI: Jun 28, 2012: Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Karachi  on the directives of JI Pakistan Chief Syed Munawwar Hassan would produce a rally to show solidarity with the Muslims of Myanmar that have been a victim of collective genocide with the help of Government of Myanmar. The rally would be produced on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 5 pm and would start from Quid’s mausoleum to Al-Amna Plza.

JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mahenti would address the rally while other leaders including Maulana Zafar Ahmed Azad, Maulana Tahir Arakani, Maulana Mamoon Rasheed, Maulana Noor Hussain Arakani and others would also address the rally.

Meanwhile, JI Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui had said that so far more than 5,000 Muslims were killed and more than 90, 000 were rendered homeless in Myanmar. The Muslims of the Myanmar were exposed to worst genocide of the Human history as the Buddhist extremists under the direct auspices of the Myanmar Government were carrying out manslaughter of the Burmese Muslims.

It is pertinent to mention that JI had always been at the forefront raising voice against injustices, barbaric crimes against the Muslims across the globe. Hence, JI would not sit silent and idle on that genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar.

Siddiqui appealed to the people of the city to participate in the rally in large numbers so that the message could be conveyed to the Government of Myanmar and the United Nations and OIC for immediate preventive measures for the safety of the Muslims of Myanmar.