JI rally in protest to killings of Muslims of Myanmar shows solidarity with Ummah: UN must take notice, stop genocide of Burmese Muslims: Mahenti


KARACHI: Jun 29, 2012: Jamaat-e Islami (JI) Karachi on the directives of JI Pakistan Chief Syed Munawwar Hassan produced a rally to show solidarity with the Muslims of Myanmar that have been a victim of collective genocide with the help of Government of Myanmar. The rally was produced on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 5 pm from Quid’s mausoleum to Al-Amna Plza.

A large number of people had participated in the protest rally. JI Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti had led the rally while he was flanked by leaders from JI including JI Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui, Dr Abdul Wasay Shakir, Raja Arif Sultan, Muhammad Ishaq Khan and leaders from other political and religious parties including Maulana Qari Zameer Akhtar Mansoori, JI Minority Wing leader Younus Sohan Khan Advocate, Maulana Zafar Ahmed Azad, Maulana Zabiullah Qureshi, Maulana Mamoon Ur Rasheed, Qari Ahmed Hussain, Maulana Muhammad Tahir Arakani, Maulana Ali Hussain and others.

 A resolution was also passed in the rally which demanded the Government of Myanmar to immediately lift the siege of Muslim-dominated areas and abduction of Burmese Muslims youth and scholars.

While addressing the rally, Mahenti said that the governments in Islamic countries were pro-United States due to which the Muslim Ummah was besieged in various crisis while the Burmese Muslims were exposed to worst genocide in the history of the mankind. The United Nations, International NGOs on Human Rights, Islamic governments and leaders were silent on that massacre of Muslims of the Myanmar under the direct aegis of the government of Myanmar.

The Buddhist extremists had attacked Muslims colonies, their schools and places of worship, the Masjid.

He also criticized Nobel Prize Winner for Peace, Aung San Suu Kyi for staying silent on atrocities inflicting the Muslims of Myanmar, which were the worst type of human rights violations.

Mahenti warned that if the atrocities were not stopped immediately, then JI would arrive in Islamabad to stage protest at offices of UN and international institutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Naseem Siddiqui said that UN’s silence over genocide of the Muslims of Myanmar was equal to assisting the predators and perpetrators to achieve their vested designs.

He stressed upon the Muslim Ummah to get united to fight away the forces of evils that not only carried out massacre of innocent Muslims of Myanmar but did worst human rights violation across the world.

 Qari Zameer Akhtar Mansoori, Maulana Zabiullah Qureshi, Maulana Mamoon Ur Rasheed, Qari Ahmed Hussain and Maulana Tahir Arakani also addressed the rally.