Join hands of Sain Pir Pagara to save Sindh against discriminatory black law of SPLGO


Karachi (PR): Shama Munshi Media Coordinator PML F ladies wing has requested to the people of sindh to join the Hands of Sain Pir Pagara to save sindh against discriminatory black law of SPLGO & Construction of Kala Bagh Dam. People of Sindh are appeal to attend Sain Pir Pagara first historical public meeting in Hyderabad on 14th Dec 2012 with huge majority to express solidarity with him for his efforts to wage the war against the dis integrity of sindh. 14th Dec Public meeting is the beginning of the one point agenda Pir Pagara mass contact campaign drive against the new LG system which is not a personal benefit issue but PML F wants to protect the rights of Sindh.

Shama Munshii said that Sindh is surrounded by many conspiracies headed by ruler party Pakistan Peoples Party. New LG ordinance is a part of this conspiracy that how sindh’s urban and ruler resources be plundered and distributed between PPP and MQM. This exploitative and discriminated law is the direct attack on unity of Sindh. Sain Pir Pagara 1st Public meeting will be the biggest political show and referendum against the government to refrain themselves from playing Sindh card on the expense of the rights of Sindhis. Pakistan Peoples Party is also involved & instrumental in getting verdict for Kalabagh dam by misleading Lahore High court. Kalabagh dam is the baby of Pakistan Peoples Party which they have been nurturing since Zulfikar Ali Bhutto tenure to attain their heinous motives,even Benazir Bhutto government in 1989 allocated funds for the construction of this Dam.

Shama Munshi said that Pakistan Peoples Party has deliberately revived this issue during the verge of election for political gains. PML F is not ready to compromise on anti-sindh projects and laws at all. Sain Pir Pagara wants all the stake holders of sindh to bury the ” death horse” of Kala Bagh Dam and Anti-Sindh LG Law by attending Sain Pir Pagara 14th dec Public Meeting with huge number it will be a mark of masses rejection of Pakistan Peoples Party anti Sindh policies.