Joint Action Committee of the Industrial Association of Karachi Press Conference at F. B. Area Association Office Karachi


(Karachi PR): The Karachi Industrial Forum, which is a joint action committee of the Trade & Industrial Associations of Karachi, has started a series of protests and press conferences in the different Industrial Areas of Karachi in an effort to draw the attention of the Provincial and Federal Government towards the non availability of basic amenities throughout the city making it extremely challenging for the Industries to continue operating in such adverse conditions.

After the initial Press Conference & protest at Press Club on 10th March, 2015; the Karachi Industrial Forum (KIF) has held Press Conferences on 12th March, 2015 at S.I.T.E. Association and on 17th March, 2015 at Korangi Association of Trade & Industry. The 3rd Press Conference was held at Federal B. Area Association of Trade & Industry on 19th March, 2015.

Mr. Jawed Ali Ghori, President of the host, Federal B. Area Association of Trade & Industry welcomed the participants which included Mr. M. Jawed Bilwani, President of SITE Association and spokesperson of KIF; Mr. Abdul Rasheed Fodderwala, President of North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry; Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khan, President of SITE Super Highway Association of Trade & Industry; Mr. Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui, President of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry, Mr. A. Rasheed Jan Muhammad, President of Bin Qasim Association of Trade & Industry; Mr. Hussain Kuli Khan President of Landhi Association of Trade & Industry and Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and members of the 7 Associations.


The most grievous problems are those of water shortage, intermittent power supply, and low gas pressure plus regular gas holidays. These are issues which directly affect production. None of the industries are working at optimum capacity and this is a great loss for the country.

Is it any wonder that more and more people particularly the younger educated generation are moving to foreign countries to strive for a secure future. If this continues, we will be deprived of future managers, entrepreneurs, engineers etc and a big void will be created with no qualified people to fill it.

I am highlighting the specific problems with a hope that someone will take cognizance of the desperate situation for the sake of the economic well being of the country.

  1. Insufficient water supply. The situation is so alarming that in many industrial areas, water is not available for weeks at a stretch. Yet the there is water available for the water tankers which the industries purchase at exorbitant rates.
  2. Gas pressure is usually low and on top of that, SSGC announces gas holiday for 24 hours from Sunday morning to Monday morning every week. Our requests to the top management of SSGC have fallen on deaf ears.
  3. K. Electric is only out to victimize the consumers and make money from them. Notices of discontinuation of services are served on the Industrial consumers on all types of pretext. Instead of facilitating the industries, K. Electric takes every opportunity to harass the consumers. The response time in repair of faults is very poor and one has to wait for hours before the faults are rectified. This is in addition to the regular load shedding.
  4. The roads in the Industrial area and leading from and to the markets/port/airport are damaged and choked with traffic. Movement of goods is therefore delayed. There is no control by the Traffic Police and between the KMC and the traffic Police, the roads are turning into jungles. The life blood of modern business is fast communication and though Karachi is a metropolitan city, the facilities and amenities do not befit it nor is there any visible effort to improve the services.
  5. Fire is a great hazard for the industries. Many factories have burned down due to delayed response by the fire brigade who at times do not even have water to put out the fire. We do not need to go into specifics but this fact is well known. The need to equip the fire brigade with latest equipment is long overdue.
  6. Law and Order is a major issue. Since there appears to be some progress in this area, all I will say is that the entire 7 industrial areas must be cleaned up on priority.
  7. K. Electric is now demanding electric bills of street lights in the Industrial Areas from the Associations. This is uncalled for and K.E. should be stopped from harassing the Industrial Associations.




Mr. Jawed Bilwani, Spokesperson for KIF informed that this forum was formed as a joint action platform of the Trade Associations of Karachi to highlight the issues of the Industries. He appealed to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister Sindh to take notice of the predicament of the Industries and give necessary instructions to the concerned functionaries to resolve the issues as soon as possible.