Kaavan living happy life in new Cambodian jungle home

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BEIJING, (APP): The 37-year-old Asian elephant Kaavan once dubbed “loneliest elephant in the world” is living a happy life in his new Cambodian jungle home a year after he was moved from a zoo in Pakistan.

Kavan arrived here one year ago and the change in him has been amazing and he is now thriving and living a happy life in the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaavan’s caretaker and Sanctuary Spokesperson Pedro Vella said in an interview with CGTN.

Talking about how Kaavan was transferred from Pakistan to Cambodia, he said that Kavan was born in Sri Lanka and given to Pakistan when he was one year old.

“So he’s been in the zoo in Pakistan for that time until 12 months ago and moving him here was a huge effort. Basically, we flew him here so it was expensive,” he added.

Pedro Vella informed that an enclosure measuring 30 acres of jungle nature was built for the elephant where he could move freely.

Kavan was gifted to Pakistan by Sri Lankan authorities in 1985. The elephant previously spent 35 years at the Islamabad Zoo, and after a female elephant Saheli who was his only companion for 22 years died in 2012, he spent the past eight years alone.

The Islamabad High Court last year ordered that Kaavan be freed, thus starting his journey to Cambodia.

Kavan was airlifted to Cambodia from his lonely existence. However, one year on from his move, he is flourishing in his new home at Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and living an elephant-worthy life.

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