Kashmir Council head seeks EU help as HR situation in IIOJK worsens “drastically”


ISLAMABAD, (APP): Chairman of the Kashmir Council at the European Union has drawn the attention of the international community particularly the EU seeking an end to “most brutal Indian suppression” in IIOJK where the situation was worsening drastically.

Ali Raza Syed, Chairman of the Kashmir Council EU, wrote a letter to Maria Arena, Chair of the Human Rights Subcommittee European Parliament and highlighted the unabated killings of Kashmiri youths and other human rights abuses.

He said the Indian troops continued killing innocent civilians and in the last two days, the troops martyred five more youth during search operations in Mumbai and Gopalpora areas of Kulgam district and Hyderpora area of Srinagar.

He said the families of the martyrs of Altaf Ahmed Butt and Dr. Mudassar Gul held a candlelight protest in Srinagar to condemn their cold-blooded murder by Indian forces in the Hyderpora area in Srinagar.

“The number of the killed innocent young people is nine only in the last four days. The Indian troops have martyred 15 innocent Kashmiris in the current month including a doctor and a businessman who were used as human shields before being murdered,” Syed said.

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He said even the dead bodies of those killed in fake encounters were not being handed over to the families for proper burial by their near and dear ones.

The Kashmir Council head told the EU parliamentarian that Indian authorities also arrested the families of the killed civilians after they staged a sit-in for the return of the bodies.

“Kashmiris have been facing the most brutal Indian suppression for the past over 7 decades,” he said adding that the killing of innocent civilians in fake encounters was the decades-old war tactic being used by Indian troops in IIOJK.

“Between 1990 and 2018 altogether 506 investigations have been launched into Kupwara Massacre, Hundwara Massacre, Sopore Massacre, Gawkadal Massacre, Hawal Massacre, Bejibara Massacre, Chattisinghpora Massacre, Kounan Poshpora Mass rapes, Shopian double rape and murder but no investigation was carried out, no single person was punished.”

He said the facts on human rights abuses in IIOJK should shake up the conscience of the international community and the members of the Human Rights Committee in the European Parliament who have to do their best using their means to change this situation in the territory.

“Those who are responsible for the human rights in the European Institutions cannot look over this humanitarian crime and turn their heads away from it,” he wrote in the letter. Ali Raza Syed said, “The European Parliament must come out with a new resolution and turn to the External Service of the European Union asking to use the EU-India agreement to halt Modi’s government carrying out genocide in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.”

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