KCCI Iftar Dinner in honour of Diplomats based in Karachi – Pakistan


Karachi (PR): The Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry hosted an Iftar / Dinner in honour of Karachi Based Diplomats, at local hotel. In the picture, Mr. Siraj Kassam Teli, S.I., Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) & former President KCCI and Mr. Muhammad Haroon Agar, President of the Karachi Chamber are seen addressing at the occasion.
While, Mr. Ma Yaou, Consul General of the Peoples Republic of China, Mr. Yan Jianming, Counsellor (Commercial), Mr. Jiang Zhi Young, Vice Consul, Mr. Lyin, Protocol officer of China, Dr. Tilo Klinner, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Rossalis Rusman Adenan, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Mehdi Sobhani, Consul General, Mr. Satar Soltan Shahi, Commercial Counsellor of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Akira Ouchi, Consul General of Japan, Mr. Abubakar Mamat, Consul General of Malaysia, Mr. D. W. Jinadasa, Consul General of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Mr. Didier Boschung, Consul General of Switzerland, Mr. Michael J. Dodman, Consul General of United States of America, Ms. Anu Prattipati, Political / Economic Chief, Mr. Michael Reilly, British Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Mohammad Aslam Khan, UK Commercial Diplomacy Officer , Mr. Muhammad Qasim Barakzai, Consular Incharge, Mr. Zeeshan Ibrahim, Commercial Attache of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mr. Vu Viet Dung, Commercial Counsellor of Vietnam, Mr. Byung Hoon Sung, Director, Korea Trade Centre, Dr. Krij Comson, Deputy Consul General of Royal Thai, Mr. Usman Madaman, Consul of Royal Thai and Other diplomats, Mr. Tahir Khaliq, Mr. M. Zubair Motiwala, Vice Chairmen of Businessman Group and former Presidents-KCCI, Mr. Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Senior Vice President, Mr. Nasir Mehmood, Vice President, Mr. Majyd Aziz, Mr. Qaiser Ahmed sheikh, Mr. A. Q. Khalil, Mr. Abdul Majid Haji Muhammad, Mian Abrar Ahmed, former Presidents, Mr. A. Abdullah Zaki, Mr. Younus M. Bashir, former SVPs, Mr. Naqi Bari, Mr. Zia Ahmed Khan, former VPs, Mr. Tariq Yousuf and others.