Khalistan referendum: polling to be held in Italy on Sunday

107 referendum polling to be held in Italy on Sunday

BRESCIA (ITALY), (APP): The polling in the Brescia city of Italy for the Khalistan referendum will start at 9 am and will continue till 5 pm.

A referendum for a separate Sikh homeland started in London on October 31, last year, and so far tens of thousands of Sikhs have participated in the polling held in different cities in the UK and other countries in connection with the Khalistan referendum.

The exercise had sent a strong message to India to end discrimination against Sikhs. The findings of the referendum would be shared with the United Nations and other international bodies to create a wider consensus regarding the separate homeland for Sikhs in India.
Sikhs’ demand for a separate homeland is in complete consonance with the United States Charter and India cannot stop them from getting their birthright of freedom. Association of America – Pak American Journalist’s Club USA

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