Killers of Farooqui be taken to task without fail: Mahenti


KARACHI: JULY18, 2012. Ameer Jamaat-e Islami Karachi Muhammad Hussain Mahenti has expressed his concern on over unchecked killings of the citizens in the city especially the murder of JI workers. The target killers have been murdering dozens of innocent citizens every day but still the law enforcement agencies had failed to protect lives of the citizens despite the fact that the get paid from the taxes of the citizens. The law enforcement agencies had failed to arrest the target killers despite their deployment at every nook and cranny in the city.

He said this while speaking on the occasion of funeral prayer of slain JI worker Abdul Rasheed Farooqui, who was gunned down yesterday by the target killers in sector 5-J of New Karachi. JI leaders including Hafiz Ur Rehman, Sarfaraz Ahmed, and Zahid Askari, Farooque Naimatullah, Ahmar Khan, Muslim Pervez, Syed Muhammad Iqbal, Waqas Azmi and others were present on the occasion.

He said that it was the sole responsibility of the government to ensure security to the life and property of the citizens failing which it had to quit but the government had neither protected citizens nor had resigned so far.

It is pertinent to mention that slain JI worker was to get married a month later but the killers had murdered him leaving his family in utter dismay and grief.

Mahenti said that the spree of target killing was started in 1986 and was in full swing even today while the government was helpless to apprehend te target killers and their patrons. The government had lost its moral basis of clinging to the corridor of powers because of its utter failure in protecting the innocent citizens from the murderers.

He said that salin JI worker Farooqui was a Islamist activist and had attained the status of martyrdom. JI would never draw back from its stance for bringing Islamic revolution in the country no matter how many more are martyred


JI slams price hike before Ramazan

LAHORE, July 18: Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has expressed grave concern over the exorbitant increase in prices at the advent of the holy month of Ramazan and said the relief packages announced by the federal and the provincial governments were practically a failure.

            In a statement here on Wednesday, he said that both the governments were making tall claims for the provision of essential items on low rates but the markets all over the country belied this claim.

            He said, the federal government relief package of Rs. 2.5 billion and Punjab government package worth Rs. 4 billion were insignificant for the 180 million masses of the country. He said if the governments seriously desired to provide relief to the masses, they should take solid measures for that through effective mechanism for price and quality control. .

            The JI leader said practically there were no Utility Stores for the 65 per cent of the country’s population in rural areas. He called for opening more Utility Stores in the countryside with adequate supplies of sugar, atta and other essential items.  

Liaqat Baloch wondered as to who were the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Programme that had swallowed Rs. 30 billion from the public exchequer and said that it seemed that the amount was being dished out to the favourites of the PPP alone. He said the chicken prices had soared all time high and a few families were benefiting from that while the poor masses were left high and dry.

            He said the price control committees and magistrates were no where to be seen due to which the mafia were having a free hand.