KPT is Willing to Lease 13678 Sq. Meter Space to the Transporters for their Parking Requirement


Karachi (PR): KPT had made available a space of 13678 square meters at Boat Building Yard at Karachi Fisheries to the transporters for their parking requirement without any charges. A piece of  around 3000 square meters of the place was temporarily allotted to 8 companies in order to meet the warehousing requirements. Recently the transporters have demanded more space for their facilitation. The KPT asked the temporarily allotties to handover the premises back to KPT against which five companies approached High Court for stay. This has delayed the provision of land to the transporters. KPT in its capacity has approached the High Court for early resolution of the case and also asked the Court to disallow the stay which the parties have obtained against KPT on vacation of the said land. KPT is willing to lease this space to the transporters for their parking requirement.

Meanwhile, the KPT has also removed encroachment of the  companies who were not in litigation and allotted the lease of the land to the transporters for utilization as parking space. At the same time KPT has asked transporters to see the land at Machhar Colony area for use as parking space on temporary basis while the legal department of KPT resolves the stay order vacation through High Court to provide the litigated area to the transporters as well.

Karachi Port Trust has always come forward to resolve the issues emanating from transporters as logistics plays an important role in port operations. The flyover and overpass bridges at M. A. Jinnah road, broadening of Mai Kolachi Road, underpass at schon circle and the KPT Interchange Flyover have all eased the passage of transporters from Karachi Port to the industrial area. At the same time KPT has given Rs22 million to the Karachi Police to procure containers for their security use and constraint them from using containers of goods transporters for blocking roads.

So far two meetings with the goods transporters have taken place in which the KPT assured them of complete cooperation. The cancellation order has been issued by KPT to the 8 companies and the five under litigation will soon get resolved through High Court.

The Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Senator Kamran Micheal emphasized his full support to the transporters and  is continuously in touch with the concerned authorities in Islamabad to resolve the issues of transporters.