Leaders & Legends get awards at 12th Corporate Ambassador Awards


KARACHI: The 12th Corporate Ambassador Awards was held on Friday at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi. Managing Director/CEO Arif Habib Commodities Ahsan Mehanti was Chief Guest, Sindh Bank President/CEO Tariq Ahsan was Guest of Honour. Rozina Jalal, famous astrologist was the Chairperson of 12th awards.

Secretary Sindh Blood Transfusion Dr Zahid Hasan Ansari; Senior Banker Irtiza H. Kazmi of National Bank of Pakistan, Ozair Essani, CEO of Essani Group; CEO Delta Control Saleem Khan, Dr Murtaza Mughal, Chairman of Nazaria-e-Pakistan Center Trust Islamabad; Irtiza Sarwar of Ceramic Pro Automotive Protection, Salma Murad, Fouzia Tariq, Syeda Sabeen Fatima, founder of Maham Kitchen and famous chef, Samar Nizam, Sindhi TV anchorperson, Nazia Malik, renowned TV host; fashion designer Asia Khan, Mubasher Mir, Syed Turab Shah, Javed Mahmood, Manzar Naqvi, Minhaj Gulfam, Dr Shujaat Mubarak and many known personalities participated in this awards ceremony. Alveena Agha, senior journalist and TV analyst will be the host of the awards program. It will start around 6pm.

Corporate Ambassador Awards program was launched in 2012 in Karachi. Senior Journalist, TV Analyst and Chief Editor of weekly Corporate Ambassador Javed Mahmood, who has to his credit more than 28 years’ experience in English Journalism, started this initiative with the aim to appreciate and acknowledge the achievements of the organizations and individuals in the society doing excellent work and to motivate others to seek excellence in their profession, career and work for well-being of the needy people.

Since 2012, more than 400 organizations and individuals, including students, have received this prestigious award. So far we have organized 11 awards programs _ eight in Karachi and three in Islamabad.

Following personalities belonging to different professions have won awards at the 12th Corporate Ambassador Awards ceremony on Friday evening.


Our today’s first award winner is a very young and talented lady. Best Creative Writer & Producer Award goes to….Zanobia Ilyas, Journalist, Writer and TV Producer.

Faisal Ali Khan, a famous TV artist in Karachi is being honoured with Most Versatile Artist Award

Health Care Ambassador Award goes to Dr Aatif Mansoor, a famous personality, social activist and General Secretary of Al-Ata Foundation in Karachi.

Best Female Anchor of Sindhi TV Award goes to Samar Nizam. She is working with Awaz TV in Karachi.

Showbiz Pride For Pakistan Award Aslam Shaikh, Pakistan’s Famous Actor

FOUZIA TARIQ is being honoured with Distinguished Law Enforcement Management Consultant & Trainer Award

Best Female Chef Award goes to Syeda Sabeen Fatima, Founder of Maham Kitchen and Famous TV Host of Cooking Show in Karachi.

Corporate Ambassador Award goes to Ozair Essani, CEO Essani Group of Companies

Nazaria-e-Pakistan Ambassador Award goes to Dr Murtaza Mughal Chairman, Nazaria-e-Pakistan Center Trust, Islamabad & Key-Note Speaker of 12th Awards

Corporate Ambassador Award Saleem Khan, CEO Delta Control Inc. Karachi.

Pride For Pakistan Award goest to Sarim Burney, Chairman, Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International. He is a big name in social welfare in Pakistan and he deserved our support and many more awards in future.

Saviour of Humanity Award, Aliya Sarim Burney, Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International Corporate & Social Ambassador Award is being given to Sikandar Bakht, a famous businessman and social personality in Karachi.

Now we honour Shazia Alam with Social Ambassador Award. She is President of the Rotary Club, Karachi and a famous social personality.

Emerging Brand Award is being given to Mettis Global, Pakistan first specialized company offering financial data locally in Karachi.

Ghazala Arif, Pakistan’s renowned Sanaa Khwan is honoured with Best Sanaa Khwan Award. She is very famous and has trained many young female Naat and Sanaa Khwans in Pakistan.

Syeda Almas Akhtar is also honoured with best Sanaa khwan award. She was given this award in August 2017, but her award could not be delivered due to shortage of time. Now we are handing over her 2017 award.

Iconic Media Personality Award goes to Nazia Malik, famous TV Host/Designer & Producer Organization Development Expert Award is being given to Rana Tariq, Senior Educationist in Karachi.

Humera Motala is being honoured with…..Ambassador for Media Women Empowerment Award. She is President of Pakistan Council of Media Women in Karachi and a Senior Journalist and Writer

Mr Kashif Moten, Anchorperson/Senior Journalist is requested to receive his shield for participating in today’s award.

Minhaj Gulfam is being given Corporate Ambassador Award. Minhaj Gulfam is a young businessman and Senior Chairman of Law Enforcement Committee of KEDA that coordinates with security officials to promote peace and curb crimes in their areas.

Corporate Pride of Pakistan Awards is also being given to AKD Securities. AKD securities has made tremendous growth  under the leadership of its highly professional CEO Farid Alam.

Corporate Pride For Pakistan Award goes to Sui Southern Gas Pipeplines Company for its contribution in development of business, revenue and economic growth, Mr. Shahbaz Islam, General Manager, CCD received.

CSR Social Impact Award is being given to JS Bank Limited for promoting healthy environment and clean climate. JS Bank has won a number of awards to protecting environment through its CSR activities.

Irtiza H. Kazmi, a senior banker, working with National Bank of Pakistan is being honoured with

Remittance Ambassador Award. He is a professional banker, man of integrity and he had made hectic efforts in promoting remittances through National Bank of Pakistan.

Corporate Pride For Pakistan is being given to Mr Tariq Ahsan, President/CEO, Sindh Bank Limited, Karachi. He is a senior, experienced and highly qualified banker in Pakistan.

Pride For Pakistan Award goes to

Dr Zahid Hasan Ansari, Secretary, Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority, Karachi. Dr Zahid Ansari has sealed more than 500 blood banks that were supplying substandard blood in different parts of Sindh province. He initiated a special campaign and took action against blood banks involved in violations of rules and regulations. He is being honoured with Pride for Pakistan Award for his efforts aimed at improvement in health facilities and action against blood banks.

Corporate & Social Welfare Ambassador Award goes to Anjum CEO Amass International and running two NGOs _ Uggi Development Foundation and Green Aesthetics Solution.

Ahmed Gulzar is being honoured with Versatile Media Ambassador Award goes to Alveena Agha

Chief Editor of Affairs Pakistan, TV Anchorperson & Analyst Now Our Chief Guest Mr Ahsan Mehanti is being honoured with Corporate Pride For Pakistan Award. He is Managing Director/CEO Arif Habib Commodities & Chief Guest of today’s 12th Corporate Ambassador Awards ceremony.

Mr  Ahsan Mehanti, Managing Director/CEO, Arif Habib Commodities is also being given Shield for being the Chief Guest of today’s awards program

Our today’s special guest Salma Murad, a renowned social personality in Pakistan is requested to receive shield for participating in today’s awards program.

Chairperson of today’s awards Rozina Jalal sahiba was given shield for being part of this awards ceremony and for making hectic efforts to make this ceremony successful.