Man arrested for running illegal CNG filling station from direct line


KARACHI (PR): SSGC continued its Operation Grift campaign against gas theft by raiding a house in Quetta in which the owner was involved in blatant use of gas.  The Quetta team of Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS and CGTO)   Quetta led by Lt Col Tahir Shah (R) and his squad discovered during the raid that one Muhammad Jan was involved in using gas directly from the Distribution line for the purpose of running a makeshift CNG Filling Station.

It was found that the miscreant had installed 4 Compressors illegally to run a CNG concern through a direct SSGC line. The offender was arrested on the spot.   The team confiscated the compressors, vehicles, and other paraphernalia involved in running an illegal business and handed them over to Police Station in the jurisdiction. FIR has been lodged against the miscreant.

On the Judicial front, on  October 12, 2020, on the directions of Hon Judge of  Gas Utility Court, Larkana, accused Nasir Abro and accused Saleem Raza Abro paid last and final installment of Rupees Twelve Lac  & twenty thousand (12,2000/-) in favor of the SSGC, earlier he paid Twelve Lac ( 1200000/-) as first installment.

Both Accused were booked in a case of using illegal gas through tempered domestic meter for commercially use for Ice Factory.

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