Melaka, Malaysia (PR): THE World Assembly of Youth (WAY) announced the appointment of Ms. Masiela Lusha as its first Goodwill Ambassador on 11th July 2013.  Ms. Lusha is an author, poet, producer, actress and humanitarian and has actively been involved in altruistic deeds from an early age. Her designation took place during the commemoration of the World Population Day with the theme “Halt to Unsafe Adolescent Pregnancy”.

WAY President, Rt. Hon. Datuk Wira Ir. Idris Haron warmly welcomed her to the team and stated that “Ms. Lusha has taken up this role at a time where the fight for youth rights is at a peak and I believe her contribution will be highly commended.”  He went on saying that “With her in our mist and as our representative, we foresee greater growth for our organization and better exposure. It is an honor to have her as the very first Goodwill Ambassador for WAY and we hope that more people of her caliber will come forth and be part of our organisation for youth empowerment towards a sustainable development.”

Through the diversity of her humanitarian deeds, Ms. Lusha has proven to be a role model to many young people. She has worked hard since the early age and has made a desirable name for herself. She published and translated several books and has been growing into a budding public figure.  Meanwhile, her humanitarian trait began in 2006, when she founded a non-profit organisation called the Children of the World Foundation. She donated 10 acres of land for the Foundation to build a community center that shelters, educates and promotes healthy communication. 

As the newly minted Goodwill Ambassador, her efforts are geared towards raising awareness on the various youth issues and WAY activities. She stated that “From its inception in 1949, WAY defines and empowers the progress and safety of our youth. And, with every youth elevated to his or her potential, our humanity lifts and expands to fit bigger dreams, and higher goals.” She also mentioned that “As WAY’s Goodwill Ambassador, it is an honor to commit to a vision that elevates humanity, and unites the world’s youth.”

In her capacity as WAY’s Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Lusha will use the influential voice of the entertainment industry to engage in public advocacy, mobilize youth to embrace more sustainable lifestyle and sort fundraising opportunities for various designating youth issues and causes.

As a well accomplished young women, we believe that her role will bring great contribution to youth empowerment. For more information on her achievements, please find enclosed her summarized bio-data.