Measures need to be taken to prevent poeple from coronavirus – Brigadier Bashir Arain


Europe (Ikramuddin): According to the International Global Times Media Report, Brigadier Bashir Arain, President Brigadier Bashir Foundation, said that measures need to be taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He said that coronavirus has spread to the entire world. It is a great danger to human beings and prevention is only possible by taking precautionary measures against the coronavirus. Along with the government instructions, People should also need to use precautionary measures by using masks, frequent hand washing, keeping safe social distance, and avoiding to go to social functions. He said that our foundation is striving to serve the people infected with the coronavirus.

Our mission is to help people infected with the corona virus. Brigadier Bashir Foundation

He also requested political, social, and welfare organizations to support the cause of Brigadier Bashir Foundation to provide awareness about prevention, treatment of the infected people with the coronavirus so that we can prevent mankind at large from this viral disease. In a press statement with the International Global Times Media Europe, Brigadier Bashir Arain, President Brigadier Bashir Foundation said that saving the life of a sick person is like saving the whole of mankind. He invited everyone to come forward for the sake of Allah to work together to help needy people affected by the virus and are still deprived of treatment and food.

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