METRO and Makro Pakistan combined their businesses in Pakistan


KARACHI July 16, 2012: After announcing the plans to merge in June 2011, METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan (Private) Limited (“MCCP”) and Makro-Habib Pakistan Limited (“MHPL”), the shareholders of the two wholesale companies have successfully combined their businesses inPakistan. The merger is now complete with the approval of the Pakistani anti-trust & corporate authority, regulatory and other approvals and the sanction of the Court. 

The merged entity to signify the spirit of partnership will now be known as METRO – Habib Cash & Carry (Pvt) Limited and together will operate its 9 wholesale centers in 4 major cities. “With the merger of our businesses we are able to combine our resources to gain the financial strength to lead and grow in a challenging environment and to create synergies targeted to generate value for our customers and suppliers alike”, emphasizes David Boner, Managing Director, METRO-Habib Cash & Carry. With its combined strength the company will be better able to provide a comprehensive product range at good quality and competitive prices all under one roof for professional customers’, small businesses like restaurants or retailers, aiming at providing them with a competitive edge.

While growing its business, METRO – Habib Cash & Carry will also enlarge its

win-win relationships with its suppliers by working closely with them. METRO – Habib Cash & Carry has a comprehensive data base of large, medium and small suppliers in the domains of food and non-food articles. Food being the core domain of its business, it has always been keen and focused to develop and train its suppliers regularly in reference to food safety and quality procedures which takes its suppliers to a next level and opens up untapped foreign markets to enhance their business. In this regard METRO – Habib Cash & Carry regularly conducts trainings   to develop its suppliers as per international standards.

 METRO strongly believes in strengthening the local economy in countries it operates in and procures more than 90 percent of goods sold from local suppliers. The company also reaches out to local farmers and producers by providing them with customized training programmes that address gaps in knowledge and technical skills thus helping small and medium enterprises to grow in both local and international markets.

Already 56 companies underwent the training programs inPakistanthrough its sister concern ‘Star Farm” and enabled the farmers to develop 20 traceable food products fromPakistanto promote Pakistani products for export.

About METRO- Habib Cash & Carry Pakistan

METRO – Habib Cash & Carry opened its first cash & carry wholesale center in Pakistanin 2007. Today the company is operating nine wholesale centers in Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad&Faisalabadcities. 

The company has a simple and efficient business concept: cash & carry wholesale, which is defined through its customer base: only professional customers are allowed to purchase at METRO Cash & Carry, all of them duly registered and provided with a customer card. This means that METRO Cash & Carry does not sell to private end consumers. It is not a super- or hypermarket chain for private consumption, but a modern form of wholesale exclusively tailored to the needs of businesses and companies. The core customers are small and medium-sized retailers as well as hotels, restaurants and caterers. The company offers business customers a comprehensive product range both in food and non-food and efficient business solutions to enhance the customer’s competitiveness in their own markets.