Monkeypox: Portugal reports cases as outbreak spreads

132 Portugal reports cases as outbreak spreads

Portuguese officials have confirmed five cases of the monkeypox disease. The viral infection, rarely found in Europe, has also been reported in Spain and the United Kingdom

Lisbon, Portugal (By/ Naveed Ahmed): Health officials in Portugal said on Wednesday they had confirmed five cases of monkeypox in young men, and authorities in the US state of Massachusetts said a case had been detected there is a man who had recently traveled to Canada.
Another 15 suspected cases in the area around the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, were also being investigated, said Portugal’s General Directorate for Health. 
The viral infection is similar to smallpox but milder. Its symptoms include fever and a distinctive bumpy rash that normally starts on the face and then moves to other parts of the body.

Most people recover from monkeypox within several weeks.

Transmission is typically through close contact with infected animals or people, though the latter is less common. Association of America – Pak American Journalist’s Club USA

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