Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan demands Government to appoint Kalim Siddqui as Chairman PPL


Karachi: Social Economical Analyst Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan demands Government should give important responsibility to Mr. Kaleem Siddqui in Ministry of Petroleum and also appoints him as Chairman PPL. He said strong economical condition is the grantee of our National security only Professional people will bring out Pakistan into the crisis. Kalim Siddqui do a great job to introduce corporate culture in PSO. There is a need to Government should introduce corporate culture in those departments which are going in the loss. He was addressing the Reception in the Honor of Former M.D. PSO Mr. Kaleem Siddqui Organized by Cliff Pakistan. On the Occasion CEO Smart Lubricants Imran Hassan, President ACP Professor Ejaz Ahmed Farooqi, Engineer Syed Mahfooz ul Haq, Farzana Khan, Syed Qalbe Muhammad and others are also Presents. CEO Smart Lubricants Imran Hassan said Kaleem Siddqui will helpful to change the economical condition of the country if government give him National Responsibilities he will smartly solves the issues of OGRA, SSGC, OGDC and PPL. Kaleem Siddqui said because of my corporate policy PSO give tough time in all international companies and also include in the list of America Fortune 500 Companies. I mostly work on Foreign Assignments that’s why I know the work culture around the globe. I end the VIP cultue in PSO, control the union issues and stop corruption in the Department. PSO still have a Asian Best Lube Oil Purifying Plant in the Region. In my era there is no consultant in PSO and we are introduces lot of New products in the Market that the reason behind Board Members also says kind words about me. He further added Increasing of Import, less FDI is the cause of monthly 3 billion defisite on the Economy.Every year we need 1500 MW electricity that why our people still buy Petrol in high prices. President ACP Prof. Ejaz Farooqi said country needs the Personalities like Kaleem Siddqui. He always face the issues alone and also able to resolved the Problems.After resign he also introduces the another International standard company Byco in Pakistan. Engineer Syed Mahfooz ul Haq said Kaleem Siddqui was the best administrator of PSO. If Government will give the responsibilities he will duly profitable for government and private sector.