NAB KP recovers millions in Hajj scam


PESHAWAR (APP): In line with the enforcement policy to nab corrupt and recover looted money from them, National Accountability Bureau Khyber Pakhtunkhwa recovered millions of looted rupees in hajj scam.

NAB KP office informed on Tuesday that a complaint was received by its bureau regarding public cheating in the name of hajj applications. During the course of the investigation, it was observed that accused Riaz Ahmed, son of Shamsher Khan in connivance with other co-accused, collected hard-earned money from the innocent public promising them for Hajj visit.

It said so far 22 people have submitted claims with NAB, which has been successfully recovered through Plea Bargain.

DG NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Brig (R) Farooq Naser Awan said that under the leadership of Justice (R) Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB, NAB was committed to eradicating corruption with iron hands by adopting “Accountability for All” policy.

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