NATO/ISAF racket booked for importing and pilfering contrabands in Pakistan


PESHAWAR: The Directorate of Transit Trade, Government of Pakistan has found involvement of the entire racket dealing with Afghanistan Transit Trade (ATT) and NATO/ISAF supplies in importing and pilfering contrabands in the Pakistan’s territory using the ATT/NATO/ISAF channel.

Even the Embassy of a European country comes into light in the entire ordeal.

According to details of the case a shipper’s own container No. MLXU-4321198 said to contain food stuff & household articles was imported vide Bill of Lading MAEU 862964949, at Port Qasim in the name M/s UTE Tecnoucal for final destination, ISAF Spanish Army Forces, Heart Airport, BASE Arena, Afghanistan for Transit to Afghanistan.

The Embassy of Spain nominated and authorized M/s General Freight Corporation to clear and forward the aforesaid consignment to Afghanistan accordingly.

The goods declaration was filed on August 02, 2012 with declaration of goods as food stuff and household articles.
On January 01, 2013 M/s. LaGuardia Logistics, by filing an electronically carrier manifest away and removed the Container No. MLXU-4321198 on vehicle registration No TLQ-329 from Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi.

But it was reported by the Directorate of Transit Trade, Peshawar that the under reference container/consignment had not reached/delivered at Torkham to complete cross border formalities. The authority at Torkham further informed that the said container, as per information, contained liquor which had been pilfered after removal from port.

It was also found that LaGuardia Logistics had taken possession and removed the said consignment illegally having no legal authority or a valid NOC from National Logistics Company (NLC) for transportation of ISAF consignment and they could not provide the proof of transportation of container to its final destination.

It may be mentioned here that only NLC or Pakistan Railways are Customs licensed bonded carriers and only these can transport consignments bound for ISAF forces.

It is pertinent to mention here that the subject consignment was to M/s UTE Tecnoueal for final destination, ISAF Spanish Army Forces, Heart Airport, BASE Arena, Afghanistan and M/s General Freight Corporation was a notify party as well. But, M/s. General Freight Corporation neither took any notice nor bothered to find the status of the container despite the passage of a considerable time.

It was found that three other similar consignments were also imported by UTE Technoucal during the year 201 l, with declared description of food stuff & household articles. These containers were lying at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain and custom agent M/s. General Freight Corporation were requested to depute their authorized representatives for physical examination to confirm the actual contents of consignments but none of them responded to the above said letter.

However, the aforesaid containers were examined in the presence of the focal person dealing with the US/ISAF/NATO. The physical examination of above mentioned containers has led to recovery of huge quantity of assorted liquor of foreign brand and origin as against the declared description of food stuff & household articles which gives strong credence to the suspicion that the goods declared in the last container were also liquor.

An FIR in this regard has been lodged against M/s. General Freight Corporation and M/s. LaGuardia logistics, bonded carrier and investigations are underway.