Newly elected Cabinet 2020 of National Press Club Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: Newly elected President of National Press Club Islamabad Shakeel Anjum, Secretary General Anwar Raza, Secretary Finance Saghir Chaudhry and newly elected me

mbers of the Journalists Panel have been received by the Chairman, Journalists Association of Pakistan, S. A. Congratulations from Sehbai and all other officials and members. It is hoped that all officials will play a vital role in promoting the legitimate rights of journalists and the National Press Club. S. A. Sehbai Chairman Journalists Association of Pakistan.

Newly elected President Shakeel Anjum, while maintaining the traditions of the past, will take care of the renovation of the National Press Club, while Secretary General Anwar Raza will traditionally promote the journalistic fraternity and solve the problems of working journalists in the Twin Cities on a priority basis. Efforts will continue. It is hoped that under the leadership of Quaid-e-Sahafat Afzal Butt, the problems of journalists across Pakistan will be solved on priority basis and under the guidance of Quaid-e-Sahafat the Journalists Association of Pakistan will also accompany him.

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