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Norway To Make ID Cards Available For Foreigners Living In The Country

April 20, 2022
Oslo Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): Internationals who have a residence permit or right of residence in Norway for more than three months may soon be eligible to hold an ID card after the government is attempting to make such a proposal effective. In this regard, the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness is submitting a proposal regarding the rules in the passport ID as well as regulations for consultation. Many foreign citizens residing in Norway need an ID certificate that documents their Norwegian birth or d-number in the National Register. With a national ID card, they will easily and safely be able to identify themselves on a daily basis,” State Secretary Erik Idsøe in the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Management pointed out in this regard. In addition, the State Secretary stressed that by extending the ID card scheme to internationals, Norway is also contributing to the increasing spread of unified Norwegian ID cards used in all areas. The conditions for a national ID card without the right to travel will also be applied to international, according to the Ministry. However, the same clarified that there would be some necessary adjustments, among others, in the requirements for documentation and verification of identity. Authorities in Norway have stressed that the consultation deadline is June 3, 2022. Previously, Norway’s government proposed to allocate a total of NOK 250 million (€25,514,669) for the European Union fund, which would help the visa policy and make changes to entry rules if needed, for internationals planning to visit Norway. However, authorities in Norway faced significant difficulties caused by the Coronavirus and its new strains. In this regard, authorities in Norway previously announced that international workers residing in Norway would have their residence permits extended. Such a decision was introduced back then and was announced by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The decision followed the changes applied by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs made to the Immigration Regulations. The Norwegian government has continuously been attempting to facilitate the travel process. Previously, authorities in Norway announced that they launched the “travel-ready” known as Reiseklar, which contains travel information, and also permits its users to make a registration before taking a trip domestically or abroad. The purpose of Reiseklar is that useful and in-demand information will be even more easily available to those who plan or are travelling abroad,” Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide noted. The application consists of information on the country of destination and entry rules applied by authorities. (Please send your news, article, pictorial to our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567 / +923332100737 PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS Thanks) (facebook ID shujaullahk) Newspaper on Facebook: (twitter: KhanShujaullah)

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