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Pakistani Worker Shares Experience Of Working With PQEPC

July 03, 2022
BEIJING, (APP): ” Here nothing I love more than when working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal that is the prosperity of Pakistan, and that’s what excited me about working here,” said Fazal Rahim, who has been working at Port Qasim Power Plant project for seven years. The plant is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). During his time at the Port Qasim Electric Power Company (PQEPC), Rahim has worked in different departments and performed different tasks in Administration and Security Department, Planning Department, and Commercial and Procurement Department. He has experienced firsthand and learned different sides of what goes into a mega project, China Economic Net (CEN) reported. “The day meeting CEO (Chief Executive Officer) was an incredible experience. I was a bit nervous at the time but after five minutes I was selected and I had a feeling of achievement, gratitude, euphoria, and excitement. It was a new world for me because this was my first job with a Chinese company. I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to my country in a fast-moving way,” Rahim recalled. “As a fresh graduate, I had been hired on to a position that was definitely above my skill level at the time, but that then drove me into a period of incredible growth. I was working with one of the best teams I’ve ever been a part of. I was learning new things every day and I was given the latitude to solve problems in my own way and make decisions that influenced the direction of my growth in this company,” Rahim said, adding working at PQEPC was a completely re-invigorating for him. Touching on his daily work, Rahim said he used to start each day by going over his schedule. As a Pakistani employee who has an in-depth understanding of the local market and suppliers, each day he is assisting the company in finding high-quality local suppliers. “Being a focal person of PQEPC, I am doing the coordination work with the Pakistan Army and Rangers to ensure the best possible security of the Chinese personals. Having a competitive advantage in language, I am also responsible for the reception and escort work of Chinese and Pakistani media, journalists, companies, and officials, providing their translation services in Chinese, English, and Urdu,” Rahim said. “Happiness is a very important thing to have and to live a healthy and enjoyable life, doing something that you love is the feel of fulfilled. Rahim summarized his seven years at PQEPC as a business manager as: “I was kept surrounded by wonderful leaders and colleagues and everyone appreciate my efforts and encouraged me. After finishing studying in China, I started my job here with very strong support from my family which boosts my self-esteem and confidence. Through this job, I have a feeling of fulfilling a purpose, and affect positively my other family members’ lives in a big way.” Port Qasim created almost 10,000 direct and indirect jobs for Pakistani engineers and laborers during construction. The operational phase employs about 600 local people annually. “With poor economic conditions, unemployment is very high in my hometown. There is big competition in big cities for getting a good job. I have many friends who travel abroad for a better future and to support their families, but they are very far from their country and families,” Rahim said. “After knowing my success story, many of my friends follow my footsteps. through scholarships from the Chinese Government and Confucius Institute, they studied at Chinese universities and now working with different CPEC projects throughout Pakistan. I am very fortunate to start my future career journey with a Chinese project and I feel proud of my work,” Rahim added. In addition, Rahim said, “I know many local vendors who are working with us since 2015. Now they have a very stable business, and Chinese companies pay more amount compared to local companies. That’s why all local employees prefer to work here because the pay is higher than local Pakistani companies which improve their quality of life.” Rahim and 26 Pakistani staff were given awards for their outstanding contributions to CPEC by the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan in 2021. Rahim said he felt appreciated and acknowledged working on the Chinese project. “Pakistan is facing an energy crisis. Up to now, This project is committed to addressing the dire energy shortage in Pakistan and bringing sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy to the people of Pakistan,” he added. “From my childhood, my father was telling me stories about his uncle who used to travel Kashgar through the old silk route for trade. Later on, my father and grandfather were working and witnessed the construction of the Karakoram Highway by Chinese engineers and workers. The Chinese are the best workers in the world. Their dedication and commitment to work have almost transformed the dream of the CPEC into a reality,” said Rahim. [caption id="attachment_42112" align="aligncenter" width="696"] Association of America/Pak American Journalist's Club USA[/caption] (Please send your news, article, or Pictorial to our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567 / +923332100737 PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS Thanks) (facebook ID shujaullahk) Newspaper on Facebook: (twitter: KhanShujaullah) (linkedin: shuja-ullah-khan)

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