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Health Situation In Sindh Province Is Deteriorate, Professor Kashif Safique

July 07, 2022

Karachi: Vice Chancellor, Dow University of Health Sciences, Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy has said that we need to innovate and bring new mentalities and techniques to the education sector because skills are more important than degrees in vocational education. In response to the market demand, Professional Courses in combination with tradition and innovation can make a positive difference in our society and economy. We should also have to encourage small business owners to innovate in existing areas to find new paths. Today, the Buzz word is “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” like “Consumer-Centric”. Being a doctor, we also need to be “Patient-Centric”. He expressed their views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of "Nutrition and Business Strategy" in Post Graduate Diploma Courses, co-organized by subsidiary institutes of the Dow University, School of Public Health (SPH), and Institute of Business and Health Management (IBHM).  It is worth mentioning here that this diploma course is the first of its kind in Pakistan in which nutrition and business strategy have been combined as per the market demand.

County General Manager of Pakistan & Iraq, Abbott Nutrition International, Asim Shafique, Director IBM, Dr. Izhar Hussain, Aftab Ali Mukhi, Salma Badr-uddin, Sumaira Naseem, and others were also present at the ceremony.

Prof. M. Saeed Quraishy said in his speech that, when Laparoscopic surgery came out in the United Kingdom there was a lot of resistance to laparoscopy. After this patients started demanding that their operation should be done laparoscopically. Only then did the Government of the UK and The National Health Service start to invest heavily in this field, and now in the UK, if the Hospital doesn't have Robots with patients. They won't go to that Hospital. So, we also need to be Patient-Centric as the market is Focusing on being Consumer-Centric.

Earlier, Speaking on the occasion, Asim Shafique said that the North Pole and South Poles have been combined in the Diploma Course of Nutrition and Business Strategy as this course is aligned with the needs and demands of the current market. According to the report in the UK, 7 years ago, it was stated that, by 2025, 60% of our population will be obese. In this report, they researched the dietary trends and other habits of the population.

He said that, if we look at this report today, we get the data according to the said report. It is just that the food trends in Europe and Western countries are being strategized according to their needs. As in Pakistan, We don't have large-scale industries, so we need to encourage our small businesses. This new course would bridge the gap between the corporate world and the food business.

Speaking to the audience, Salma Badr-Uddin said that some patients in hospitals should be shown to the nutritionist before the physician but for now we do not give much importance to nutritionists. Today, the urban population is increasing day by day, which is intensifying the feeling of weight loss among the masses. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. But this consciousness has not yet emerged in our country.

Addressing the ceremony, Principal SPH, Professor Kashif Shafique said that the health situation in Sindh province is deteriorating. The 2018 National Nutritional Survey found that anemia in women in Pakistan and malnutrition in children is significant.

Director IBHM Izhar Hussain said that there is a growing trend in the world to give jobs by testing skills beyond a degree. According to a report presented at the World Economic Forum, 72 million jobs will be lost in the world by 2023, while 133 million new jobs will be created. Today, the world's major search engines and IT companies are looking for skills rather than degrees, and jobs are being offered on the basis of personal skills and talent. Therefore, there is a need to enhance the skills of the youth with education as per the need of the market. At the end of the ceremony, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy presented a memorial shield to Mr. Asim Shafique.

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