No political party attends APC proposed by a political party in coalition Govt: Liaquat Baloch


“People of Liyari are brave, sincere and loyal but Zardari punished them at the behest of its coalition partner”

KARACHI: JULY 30, 2012. The Secretary General of Jamaat-e Islami Pakistan Liaquat Baloch has said that the political parties of the country would never participate in the All Party Conference proposed by the political party that had betrayed in past and did not keep its commitments. The country was being ruled by the coalition government of the Pakistan People’s party (PPP), Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) and Awami Nation Party (ANP) but the people have been at the mercy of the criminals as people’s self-respect, dignity and life was unsafe.

He was addressing a Iftar Party at Liyari organized by Jamaat-e Islami District South.  Jamaat-e Islami District South Ameer Raja Asif Sultan, and Deputy Ameer Abdul Rasheed Also addressed.

Baloch said that the people of Liyari were brave, honest, and loyal and patriots but the PPP had always inflicted them with atrocities. The future of youth of Liyari was being tarnished and forced to indulge in addiction of narcotics under the patronage of the government but the Liyari youth had been blamed for the spread of narcotics.

The people of Liyari had remained loyal to PPP founder Z A Bhutto and existing PPP  Co-Chairman and President of the country, Asif Ali Zardari but the later had at the behest of a coalition partner punished the innocent people  of Liyari.

He claimed that the people of Liyari were marching toward a revolution and a farewell to the PPP.

He said that Karachi was the economic hub of the country but the enemies of the country had been bent upon desatbilising the country through their touts and agents here in the city.

He said that all systems of governance had failed to protect rights of people across the world but only Islam would ensure complete respect and protection of human rights, welfare of the people, provisioning of basic of resources for the living.

He said that the holy month of Ramadan was the month that provided opportunity to the people to look after each others’ needs and respect their rights.

He said that the people of the city have been forced to live in utmost fright and state of frustration by a political party that pioneered the target killing in the city and now was pressing the people to offer their Zakat, Fitra and Charity on gun point. The entire responsibility of that devastating situation falls on PPP, MQM and ANP, he alleged.

Refusing to accept the orders of the apex Judiciary and target killing in the city and using the Sindh card were the part of their dirty designs.

He claimed that Jamaat-e Islami was the only party that had the potential to ensure riddance of the injustices and tyranny imposed upon them by the coalition government.