Norway can get up to half meter of snow in this weekend


(Oslo Norway-By  Dr Tanveer Ahmed): Norway bad weather continues the snow, and  outer regions of Agder counties, the low down up to half a meter of snow if the cold keeps the ranks. Friday started with traffic congestion in many places in the country  both trucks, cars and a school bus ran off the road on the slippery road conditions in Southern and Eastern Norway. It may soon be 50-60 mm precipitation between now and the sun in the outer and southern regions of Agder. There is less of Telemark and considerably less in Eastern Norway, said state meteorologist Bente Wahl at the Weather Institute to VG. The rule of thumb is that 1 mm precipitation becomes a cm of snow if the rain comes down like dry, fine snow. Rain and wet snow does not build so much.    Nor a thought colder, says Wahl.  Storm warnings slightly less precipitation than Metorologisk Institute. They expect the same weather conditions into the weekend. Tomorrow there will be a fair amount of precipitation as well, but it will subside Sunday off. We’ve probably said 10 to 30 mm in the morning, mostly in southern areas, and 0 to 10 mm on Sunday. Also most of the south, says Camilla Albertsen, duty meteorologist in Storm. In Kristiansand Meteorological the institute announced zero degrees today and Saturday, and minus one on Sunday. But this morning the creator of the white snowflakes as it did.    It’s snowing heavily now and is very moist, says Hege Vigebo Endresen, who VG met in the southern town. 

Many motorists, particularly foreign trucks, got into trouble in the snow Friday morning and afternoon. On Twitter generous that messages from different police operation centers on trucks that are stuck and need to be rescued.  E6 Dovre was closed around 11:30 o’clock because of recovering a semitrailer.  In Kristianslyst school in Stavanger, the students were sent home in 1245 time because the strong winds caused the solar protection, consisting of aluminum fins from the 1960s loosened. You were afraid that students would be hit, and they were therefore allowed to go home three hours early. According to Bente Wahl at the Weather Institute will get much less snow in areas around the capital compared to southern Norway. There is a very separate east ogt west of Oslo. I do not think there will be more than 10 mm rainfall in Oslo between now and the weekend. There is not very much, but it is comparatively much air in the snow, says Wahl.  East of Oslo comes little west of Oslo comes more. As in Asker and Drammen, she says. Wahl estimated that there may be good have the possibility of skiing in Norway, even though the sun is notable by its absence.  Southerners should plan on windy and still difficult driving conditions.There are also in the mountains.  In College are still quite difficult driving conditions, Wahl says, adding that it will probably be much convoy and closed roads on the mountain with blowing snow and poor visibility. For safety for road users, will this afternoon be reduced navigability on the E6 just north of Minnesund, according to NPRA.