Norway two villages only 2 days summer 70 Days Non-Stop Rain


(By Dr Tanveer Ahmed Oslo Norway)– Two Villages in Summer one Vindafjord and Åkerneset in Mørog Romsdal have only had two summer days without rain. 70 Days Non-Stop Rain in Two Villages  of Norway in Summer. In these two Norwegian villages, it rained for 70 out of 72 days this summer. As a result they broke the non-stop rainy day of Bergen.Talking a local resident says that the raindrops are a popular topic of discussion among the residents. Most people talk about the weather, but I’m not very concerned about it. You can not influence it at all, so why do we care about it, she says jokingly.

Non-stop rain has influenced that summer plans of the residents such as painting and repairing houses. However, the citizens of the villages have learned to live with a lot of rain, and there are a number of benefits to it, says one of the villagers, Kallevik Nesheim said to NRK. One does not get sunburned and one does not have to care for the kids. Then I know that those who love fishing have gotten lots of salmon and sea trout.
The farmers in western Norway have experienced far more serious consequences. Huge rainfall has made the harvest difficult. Thus, large amount of crops have been lost .Norwegian meteorology institute writes on Twitter “Bergeners, you must see you have been beaten! Two places have had rain.