Norway’s is top on EU asylum seeker


Oslo Norway (By  Dr Tanveer Ahmed) – Norway welcomes asylum seekers in  Last year Norway stays to 123 asylum seekers per 100,000 inhabitants. There are more than three times as many as Denmark took writes Aftenposten.  On top sits Malta with 348 asylum seekers per 100,000 population, followed by Sweden with 161, and then Norway. Large countries such as Germany and the UK are way down the list when it comes to the number who receive asylum in the context of population. In the European context, Norway takes many asylum seekers in relation to our population. We also have a relatively high granting percent.This is because we receive many asylum seekers from war zones, says deputy director Tor Magne Hovland Immigration. He believes that Norway welcomes asylum seekers in relation to the country’s economy. Figures from UNHCR and Eurostat shows that there are increasing numbers of asylum seekers coming to Europe. Between 2008 and 2012, the number from 225,000 to 335,000. Until September this year, there have been 270,000 asylum seekers to Europe. For Norway, the prognosis for next year that comes around 14,000 asylum applications. In addition, Norway takes 1,200 quota refugees. he number of Eriteans seeking asylum in Norway has dramatically increased in the last few months. Accordingly the Norwegian Director of Immigration Eritrea ranked first in the number of immigrants seeking asylum, where 1944 Eritreans sought asylum in 2013 only, followed by Somalia 1334 and Afghanistan 481. In the last two months (July and August) only, 1162 Eritreans sought asylum in the country prompting the Norwegian government to order the opening of from 30 up to 40 new reception centers around the country. In the last four years more than 10,000 Eritreans have already sought asylum in Norway, many of them still waiting in reception centers due to lack of accommodation and unwillingness of municipalities to accept asylum seekers. In this week’s election two right wing parties won to form a coalition government, where tightening the asylum seeking process was on the top of their campaign agenda.