Norwegian increasing to buying cheap EU cross-border shoping in Sweeden.


Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): – Thousands of Norwegians traveling over the EU cross border to shop groceries  in Sweden. They aimed to getting the cheap and  better deals from Swedish merchants. The Norwegian Cross-border trade, meanwhile, continues to rise, especially after the government revealed plans to triple import tariffs on meat and cheese to further protect Norwegian farmers. The Norwegian krone is  strongest against the Swedish since last year. It makes shopping trip across the Swedish border cheaper. Norwegian shoppers spent a record NOK 14 billion last year during day trips over the border, mostly to Sweden. New figures from state statistic bureau SSB indicate that Norwegians are attracted by lower prices and wider selection in Sweden like never before. The increase comes despite the weakening of the Norwegian krone which has reduced the exchange rate advantage of shopping in Sweden. Prices remain so much lower, though, that Norwegians still drive to Sweden to stock up on items like beer, wine, tobacco, pharmacy products and general groceries. Many of the exact same products, from shampoo , oil,  juice, are half-price at border grocery stores in Sweden.I taken an internew in the  shop in Sweden Mr Jamal Idrees who is often buying  groceries said It’s much cheaper there than in Norway, especially for cigarettes and meat juice fruits. Several others questioned cited much wider selection at Sweden’s larger grocery stores. Strömstad, about a two-hour drive south of Oslo on the E6 highway, include sales from the Svinesund and Nordby shopping centers that are located off the first exit over the border into Sweden. I also asked who is operating the groceriees store chief Mr  Mexmet grocery stores in Svinesund and Nordby, said that revenues were “stable” last year. He said that sales had peaked every year for the past 15  years, but revenues just rise and rise.

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