Our goal is to solve the problems and difficulties of people – Patricia Morueco


Europe:(By Ikramuddin): Patricia Morueco, Director of Artistic Activities and member of Human Rights, said that our goal and mission is to save the people from the problems and difficulties they face. She said that it is the duty of all of us to serve humanity which is not less than a worship. She said that our man up campaign task force organization is committed to take steps for peace, hope and awareness. She said that task force

Our Man Up Campaign Task Force is committed to taking steps for peace, hope and awareness. Director of Artistic Activities and member of Human Rights

organization is committed to fully cope with the global virus epidemic. This organization has made a name for itself around the world through their tremendous services, Which is quite appreciable. Patricia Morueco Director of Artistic Activities said in a press statement with the International Global Times Media Europe that at a time when history is full of uncertainty. “Our organization has decided to stand up for its vulnerable groups. We demand from women, children, girls and others that the global #coronavirus epidemic has now gripped the entire world, which could be a threat to humanity, “She said as Man Up Campaign Members, We need to make sure that the voices of the people affected by the #Corona virus are heard and their needs are met in a timely manner. The Corona virus has changed people’s lifestyles. The people are suffering from mental illness due to the Corona virus. The purpose of the Man up campaign Task force is to fight the global #coronavirus epidemic and to address the issues of those affected by the #coronavirus global epidemic. The public must also recognize the efforts of the Man Up Campaign Task Force members who laid down their lives. Dedicated to service and active for the protection of others even in this critical situation, which is commendable. 

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