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KARACHI (PR): Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) and University of Karachi (KU), under Universities-Industries Linkage programme of KCCI, signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote entrepreneurship and produce professionals as per need of corporate sector and industries. Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s President Mian Abrar Ahmad and Karachi University’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser termed this initiative a productive move by two leading entities of Karachi which believe in ownership and optimum reciprocating to society and the country.

President KCCI Mian Abrar Ahmad, speaking on the occasion of MoU signing ceremony at Karachi University articulated that Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) is enthusiastic to play a constructive and leading role in strengthening the foundation of the business community to effectively meet the challenges of today and tomorrow whilst promoting trade and industry in Karachi and elsewhere, maintaining its distinction amongst the top ten chambers of the world. He said that the quantum of significance attached to the City of Karachi justifies its status as an industrial, financial and commercial hub of the country. The largest metropolis of Pakistan having 20 million people, alone generates around 68 percent revenue yearly to the national exchequer, and the ports of Karachi handle 98% cargo of the country. There are more than 15000 industries in Karachi and more than 350 commercial centres in Karachi. KCCI recognizes the importance of the city, and pledges to render services to the benefit of the city at large. He informed that KCCI is envisioned to promote regional trade and trading in blocks due to its geo-strategic position as gateway to 3 regional economic blocks. KCCI has formed Pak-Afghan and Bombay-Karachi Joint Chambers to promote regional trade.

Mian Abrar Ahmad voiced that KCCI strives to build an association with the business and industrial community that facilitates mutual understanding and unity at large. It is geared to develop a result-oriented attitude to readily respond to the demands of the business and industrial community. KCCI has also embarked upon an ambitious plan of Universities-Industries Linkages, consequently, MoU was signed with Karachi University for mutual cooperation. He informed that President of KCCI was already a member on the Board of Governors of 20 Universities of Karachi. He focused that KCCI-KU liaison will result to development of Entrepreneurship and introduce new faculties as per the on-ground requirements of trade and industry. Having a great say in the Federal and Provincial Governments, KCCI would support the cause of Karachi University to further uplift its academic excellence and call upon concerned quarters to enhance KU’s budget to give the university a new dimension of academic excellenc.

Karachi University’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser appreciated the vital role played by Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry for revenue generation and socio-economic development of Karachi and Pakistan. He stated that he would recommend the Chancellor to nominate President KCCI as member in Karachi University’s syndicate. He said that KU chartered by Provincial Government is committed to making valuable contribution through modern information and communication technologies to provide extremely affordable world class uniform education to aspiring students all over the country. Keeping in view mutual interest, KCCI & KU signed MoU to work together, coordinate their efforts, pool multiple resources to help the industry and academia in achieving maximum potential and increasing knowledge, he added. He said that it is imperative to arrange lectures of Office Bearers/ prominent members of KCCI engaged in trade and industry at various departments of KU to broaden ideas and enlightenment for students. He said that KU mainly offers education to under privileged and middle class on nominal fee and hence face fund limitations, therefore, he urged KCCI to mobilize business community to support different programmes initiated by KU Business School Alumni to establish endowment fund for transport programme, campus development plan and students assistance programme.

Mehmood Arshad, President Karachi University Business School Alumni appreciated President KCCI Mian Abrar Ahmad and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser for their thoughtfulness to develop University-Industry Linkage which is crucial to meet the actual requirement of trade and industry to produce professionals accordingly. He anticipated that with effective liaison of KCCI & KU challenges being faced by the industry and academia would be meticulously addressed.

KCCI & KU, in the light of MoU, will hold monthly meetings, organize joint seminars, symposia, training sessions, workshops, coordinate student’s internship opportunities in various industries, provide mentoring to students for career management and skill development, identify research/survey requirements and feasibility studies.

From KCCI Vice President Zia Ahmed Khan and Managing Committee Members Shamim Ahmed Firpo, Sheikh Muhammad Tehseen and Durreshehwar Nisar and from KU Prof Dr Abuzar Wajidi Dean Management & Administrative Sciences, Prof Dr Ghazala Rizwani Dean Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof Dr Zafar Iqbal Dean Faculty of Arts, Prof Dr Shakeel Auj Dean Faculty of Islamic Studies, Prof Dr Nasiruddin Khan Registrar also participated in the meeting.