Pakistan desirous of peace, stability in Afghanistan: Fawad

94 Pakistan desirous of peace

DUBAI (APP): Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain Saturday said that the situation in Afghanistan had a direct impact on Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference here, he said that Pakistan’s efforts for peace in Afghanistan continue as it was desirous of stability in the neighboring country. On the issue of recognition of the Taliban regime, he said Pakistan was taking regional countries along on the issue.

Pakistan will not recognize the Afghan government unilaterally, the minister said.
About the issue of price hikes and inflation, he said that outbreak of coronavirus raised worldwide commodity prices.

The minister said that the rupee depreciated due to the smuggling of dollars to Afghanistan. He said that talks were being held with the Taliban for taking other groups along. He said this year record production of wheat and sugarcane was registered and Rs1100 billion have been added to the national economy in the field of agriculture.

The textile industry, he said was also booming and it had booked orders till 2023.
Fawad said that record investment was also coming in the construction sector which created three lakh new jobs.

He said that foreign remittances have reached a new record which has boosted foreign reserves.

The minister said that the current government has responded best to the pandemic. He said that coronavirus has hit the world’s five largest economies. Fawad said that giving the right to vote to Pakistanis abroad was a priority of the present government.

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