Pakistan Embassy Firms Up Monitoring To Avert Passport Misuse


Ambassador Khan conducts surprise inspection of passport and identity card section and monitored the integrity of systems in place to guard against the incidents of identity card and passport fraud.

Ambassador Khan cautioned all staff and racketeers that any attempt to misuse consular services would incur criminal prosecution and deportation.

Abu Dhabi//Pakistan’s Ambassador to UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan Wednesday conducted thorough inspection of the consular operations at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi in view of the recent incident involving Identity Card and passport fraudand examined the procedures in place at the Mission to avoid any possibility of such exploitation in the Emirates.

The envoy also held express meeting with the duty managers of National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and Machine Readable Passport (MRP) to examine the procedural checks and controls in place to avert such as the one that happened in Lahore recently.

A point-to-point discussion took place where both the managers briefed the Ambassador about the likelihoodof abuse by a client or a staffer who could collude with the racket to misuse the identity card and passport facilities and causing embarrassment.

Ambassador Khan cautioned all staff that any attempt to misuse consular services would incur criminal prosecution and termination from service. “And the racketeers should know that if caught they will be sent to the UAE court under the prescribed law and any such crime taking place outside Pakistan would deemed to have also happened in Pakistan and liable to criminal prosecution.”

He added that as a first step any person found involved in such fraudulent activity would face cancellation of his passport and should be ready for deportation after completion of sentence in the Emirates.

The Ambassador issued instructions to the staff to follow stern vigilance while processing identity card and passport cases in the UAE so that such lapses never occur in the UAE, as these would have international connotation of combating crime and terrorism besides human trafficking.