Pakistan Embassy hosts Poetry, Literature Evening Celebrating Culture of Peace


Pak envoy stresses importance of literature and poetry for strengthening cross-cultural dialogue and showcasing literary contributions by UAE-based Pakistani literati

Abu Dhabi: Pakistan’s embassy in the Emirates on Sunday hosted a poetry evening at its premises, in collaboration with Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Arab-Pakistan School. The lively event drew a host of Pakistani expats living in the UAE including poets, intellectuals and literati, emphasizing the significance of literature and poetics in forging cross-cultural dialogue in contemporary settings.

The evening featured poetry recital by Canada-based poetess of Pakistani origin, Zakia Ghazal, whose extraordinary contribution to the field of literature has been acknowledged far and wide across the world. Parliamentarian from Pakistan’s Sindh Assembly Mr. Lal Chand also graced the occasion besides prominent UAE-based Pakistani businessmen Mian Umar Ibrahim and Mian Munir Hans.

The event drew a large number of Pakistani expats settled in the Emirates, including poets and intellectuals, who generously showered the performing poets with accolades for their performance throughout the evening.

Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan’s Ambassador to U.A.E Jamil Ahmed Khan emphasized the importance of literature and poetry in reviving a sense of shared humanity, which transcended cultures and borders.

“Such events are the best means to forge a cross-cultural dialogue for peace and best antidote to the various ills that plague our society including the scourge of extremism, terrorism and hatred,” Ambassador Khan observed.

The envoy added that the liveliness of the evening and the crowds that came from near and afar to enjoy the event was testimony enough that Pakistanis celebrated arts and literature and their contributions to the culture of peace ought to be recognized.

“A thin minority of extremist elements should not be used as a bench mark for stereotyping the entire nation of Pakistan.” He added that universal values intrinsic to arts, literature and poetry went beyond borders and binds the nations together, the event was a loud and clear message of peace and shared humanity in that regard.

Other notables who warmed the gathering with their prolific and diverse poetic expressions included Zahoor ul Islam Javed, Yaqoob Tasawwar, Ms. Sadia Roshan Sddiqui, Dr. Sabahat Asim Wasti, Nazima Tasneem Abidi, Manzaraq Hasrat, Faqir Sain, Tariq Hussain Butt, Yaqub Anqa and Asif Rasheed Asjad.