Pakistan supporter famous German scientist remembered


KARACHI – In the passing away of the internationally renowned German scientist Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Voelter, Pakistani science has lost one of its great international supporters, known for having tremendous love and deep reverence for the people of Pakistan.

These views were expressed by scientists and academicians at the condolence reference held at the Prof. Salimuzzamman Auditorium, organized by the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) on Monday.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Voelter (aged 85) of Tuebingen University, Germany, died on January 21, 2021, in Germany.

The reference was addressed by Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, ICCBS Patron-in-chief and Chairman of Prime Minister’s Task Force on Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, Director of the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Prof. Dr. Abdul Malik, Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Khan, Prof. Dr. Abid Ali and Dr. Sumbla Shiekh of Tubingen University, Germany.

Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman termed the death of Prof. Voelter a great loss to science education in Pakistan. He said, “The efforts of Prof. Voelter deserve special praise since the initial grant of 2.3 million DM from The Republic of Germany was largely due to his untiring efforts, and collaborative researches continue with his group till today.”

He added, “The international center couldn’t have attained superiority in research without his support in the early stages of development of the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry and ICCBS.”

Prof. Rahman said that Prof Voelter was truly the ambassador of Pak-German scientific cooperation and friendship between the two great nations. He pointed out that the services for the development of science in Pakistan will long be remembered.

Prof. Iqbal Choudhary said that Prof Voelter was one of the founders of the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences. He maintained that ICCBS – University of Karachi had paid tribute to the great services of Prof Voelter to Pakistan by naming a research complex after the German scientist.

He informed the participants that as many as 40 Pakistani scholars, students, and technicians have got higher research training in the well-regarded laboratory of Prof Voelter.

Prof. Choudhary said that his services were tremendous. The Pakistani government had also acknowledged his services by awarding two civil awards, Hilal-i-Pakistan and Sitara-i-Pakistan, he maintained.

Prof. Abdul Malik said that the German professor as a true mentor trained and supported a large number of young Pakistani scientists in their careers.

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