Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh Dr. Laila Parveen Chief Guest in Fashion Show


Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh Dr. Laila Parveen has said that the lack of talented youth in Pakistan, young lariat have to guts and courage, and the new institution established in Karachi Women urldfysn industry addressing the opening ceremony as a special guest had been. The World Women’s head cheek bit, anchor and newscaster Raheela paradise, Begum Aneesa Farooqui, Talat Ahmad, per artist praying, TV anchor and producer Sikandar Iqbal, Film and Television Journalists Association Chairman Athar Javed, President abdalusya Qureshi, known pamst Akbar border, famous film star Honey’s fellow Sunni Khan, Mr Javed and other dignitaries were present, Dr. Laila Parveen said in his speech that Pakistan’s fashion industry is the only industry that did not support the government sought help and is being developed under Pakistani fashion designer, model, choreographed Pakistan are bright name in the world dedicated to raur skilled fashion industry, hope that the Women’s World platform that will be skilled forward, they will also be recognized Pakistan. World Women’s fashion industry leader medium cheeks Butt said that the country’s talented boys and girls fashion are struggling to get their legitimate place in the industry, their company-sponsored fashion show at a local five-star hotel on March 30 , and the musical Night will be held at the Golden women awards ceremony, which is expected to attend Pakistan’s leading ladies. The establishment of the new organization is a good move and are associated with good hopes, later in the selection of boys and girls fashion show audition Raheela Firdous said. (PLEASE SEND YOUR NEWS, ARTICLE, PICTORIAL ON OUR EMAIL ADDRESS <EDITOR@ENEWSPAPER.COM.PK & OR WHATSAPP +923132434567