Pakistan victim of crisis due to in competency and corruption of its politicians: Musharraf


KARACHI: Pakistan has become victim of crisis due to in competency and corruption of its politicians, said chief of All Pakistan Muslim League Pervez Musharraf, who was also formerly army chief and president of Pakistan, now living in self-imposed exile abroad.

We must unite and convey message of All Pakistan Muslim League on level of union councils, town and districts, in order to save Pakistan and run damaged economy on proper lines, he said.

General Musharraf expressed these viewpoints after a meeting with famous Pakistani businessman Afzal Ghazi who had called on Musharraf in Dubai and announced joining APML willingly. Afzal Ghazi apprised the APML chief of a falling economy and problems faced by business community in Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf assured Afzal Ghazi that those who indulged in corruption, loot and plunder must be held accountable to return every paisa they robbed as we will place them on trial.

He said that Pakistan is not a personal property of any person but that it was a country of 18-crore nation. Our elders suffered sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of lives and created Pakistan.

However, APML chief went on, today Pakistani nation neither has required electricity, nor water. People throughout Pakistan are reeling under weight of poverty and wishing their leaders a worse fate.

Foreign investments were stopped, amount of export and forex as well as money sent by Pakistanis overseas has fallen, he said.

Pervez Musharraf continued: People no longer trust their leaders. Entire Pakistan has become victim of anarchy. Protests and demonstrations are being staged everywhere inside Pakistan. But rulers announcing that “everything is alright!” are looting poor nation with both hands.

APML chief said: Offices and factories have closed. Workers laid off, keep starving. But ill-fated, blind and deaf rulers are playing tunes of imagined tranquility.

Former army chief and president said: If people are not relieved from rule of such looters and plunderers, then these rulers will further destroy this country. They do not have any sympathy with Pakistan or people of Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf reiterated: I will come to Pakistan soon as I know that people are eagerly waiting for my arrival.

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