Pakistani Actress Sataesh Khan


It is becoming evident that Pakistani showbiz industry is receding its celebs either it is because of the fact that they are joining the showbiz of other countries for better offers or it could be because of many celebs who left showbiz life for religious sake. Recently a news came across that Pakistani actress Sataesh Khan is leaving her showbiz life following the pace of Sara Chaudary and sadia Imam.

Sataesh khan worked for a short period of time in the showbiz industry and appeared as a model, singer and actress. According to the recent news Sataesh Khan decided to quit her showbiz life as she held the view that vulgarity has become a must of showbiz life which she cannot adapt. She asserted that she worked in a decent manner throughout her showbiz life and this is the sole reason for leaving showbiz industry as she cannot be a part of vulgarity.