Pakistani Community of France celebrated Eid ul Adha with religious zeal and fervor


Pakistani Community and their families offered Eid-ul-Adha prayers at the Embassy of Pakistan to France, in Paris

Paris, France (Yaser Ilyas): Pakistani Community of France Celebrated Eid ul Adha with religious sanctity and fervor.

Special arrangements were made at the Embassy of Pakistan to France where community members, officers and staff of the Embassy along with their families offered Eid Prayers in large number.

Ambassador of Pakistan to France Moin ul Haque in his message to the community termed Eid ul Adha as an important festival celebrated in memory of the supreme sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) which reflected his absolute submission to the will of Allah.

The Ambassador said that Eid is a great opportunity to extend compassion and kindness to the less fortunate and prayed to Almighty Allah to bless all Pakistanis and Muslims around the world with the true happiness and understanding for the great religious act of sacrifice.

The Ambassador also extended his warmest wishes to the Pakistani Community of France and congratulated everyone who performed the Hajj this year. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & or WhatsApp +923132434567)