Pakistani culture, cuisines adds colours to Nowruz festival in China

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BEIJING, (APP): Pakistan’s cultural performance, regional costumes, and traditional cuisines added colors to a reception held to mark the International Nowruz Day and official inauguration of the new Secretary-General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) here on Friday.

Pakistani students attired in vibrant and colorful regional costumes performed attunes of folk and national songs giving the audience rare glimpses of Pakistan’s rich culture and traditions.

The reception organized at the SCO Secretariat was attended by SCO Secretary-General, Zhang Ming, Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque, the ambassadors, senior officials, as well as prominent public figures, journalists, business people, and cultural representatives of the SCO family.

Talking to APP, Ambassador Haque said that Pakistan is an important member of the SCO family and is celebrating Nowruz, which is an ancient celebration of spring dating back to around 3000 years.
“We are contributing to this festival through participation for greater interaction between the member states for peace and prosperity in our region,” he added.

He said that Pakistan has a rich history and cultural diversity, adding, “Through our traditions, customs and cuisines, we showcase our people and soft image of Pakistan.”

Ambassador Haque expressed the confidence that Pakistan’s participation in such activities will help better understand, foster mutual love, affection, and cooperation among SCO states, and promote tourism for our country.

Addressing the occasion, Secretary-General, SCO, Zhang Ming welcomed the distinguished guests and expressed gratitude to the heads of diplomatic missions of the Shanghai family for their assistance and active participation in the celebration of Nowruz.

He said the ideals of Nowruz and the Shanghai Spirit were very close and largely coinciding.
The celebration of Nowruz had a deep meaning and special significance in strengthening mutual understanding and the friendship between peoples of SCO countries.

During the festival, other SCO member states Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkey, Iran, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Mynamar and India also set up stalls, showcased their culture and traditional food and also presented musical performance to display their respective cultures and traditions.

Nowruz is an international holiday that has been celebrated for thousands of years by people living in various countries covering the large territory from the Balkans and South Caucasus to Central and South Asia, as well as Russia and Western China.

It is observed on the day of vernal equinox March 21-22 and is celebrated by more than 300 people in the world.

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