Pakistani Press Fake Carom Federation in Karachi providing theirs sports documents to unscrupulous elements to travel abroad


The Federal Sports Ministry has asked the Federal Investigation Agency to help them eliminate fake sports associations /federations and also look into human trafficking.

(Report by Farah Naz): A top federal government official, on condition of anonymity said that We have sent a request to FIA along with some confidential documents which clearly indicate that some unscrupulous elements have misused their sports association’s documents to travel abroad.
But no action was made till yet as all such fake federations have close link with the sports ministry. However there were reports that law enforcing agencies here have initiated an inquiry against some fake sports organizations which are involved in human smuggling.

The Pakistan Carrom federation has been working without registration with the sports board. Their men go abroad posing as Pakistan sports teams illegally and carry on human trafficking.

Sources said that the carom teams also play in different events held internationally without having any approval form the sports board or the government.

Pakistan Carrom Federation is not registered with Pakistan Sports Board. It travels abroad as a Pakistani Carrom team. Sources said that this team visits India quite often. During last two years this federation visited India more than 4 times and they get the Indian visa easily. Now days the fake Pakistani Carom Team in Sri Lanka creating bad name for the country but no one in the Government has taken any notice how they go posing as the Pakistani team. The so called Pakistani Carom Team players who went to Sri Lanka on 30th Oct 2012 are Murtaza K.Zulfee, Ramzan Ali and other KWSB employees without having any NOC form the Water Board or Sports Board. The reports said that they will be in Sri Lanka for more than 6 days form there they will go to Thailand and than be back to the country.

The point is that the fake carom federation of Pakistan is not even registered its run by the KWSB official and they have taken the support of media person called Muratza Zulfee and Ahtesham Pasha of Ummat as both were the office bearers of the federation . There are reports that the federation issuing letters to the people showing them as carom players and gets the visa form different consulates in the city as well as form the embassies to smuggle the people.

Surprisingly the Pakistan Carrom Federation runs its office in Gulshan-e-Iqbal openly but no one takes any notice of its activities. However, law enforcing agencies have taken initiative to know why Pakistan Carrom Federation visits India so often. It is learnt that Karachi Water and Sewerage board officials and lower staff are also involved with this federation and they visit India without getting NOC’s which is required by government servant to go abroad.

The reports said that in last two years tow KWSB workers Ramzan and Amir

Khan visited with them without any NOC from the Water Board. The MD water Board Misbahuddin Farid also helping the federation while all the expenses of their visits was sponsored by builder Mohsin Sheikhani.
Inquiries were initiated in this connection in the past but due to political pressures the initiative fizzled out. Who will take notice of such activities of Pakistan Carom Federation? Creating Bad name for the country and involved them selves in human trafficking. Who authorized them to go aboard to participate in International events without the approval of the Sports Board or Government? These are the question how come all such federations sabotaging every law fake but no notice was taken against them by sports board or the Government.