Pakistan’s Envoy to UAE, H.E Mr. Jamil Ahmed Khan, inaugurates the new branch of La Qila restaurant in Abu Dhabi.


Pakistani cuisine is popular in the entire world because of its natural exotic taste” remarked Ambassador jamil Khan during a ceremony, organized by the director of Lal Qila restaurant Mirza Saeed, inaugurated the new branch of Lal Qila in Abu Dhabi.

Ambassador Khan at the occasion referred to the latest incident involving Malala Yousefzai said, “People of Pakistan are peace loving people barring a few terrorist who are vultures not the humans . TALABANS  who attacked Malala yousefzai are black mark on the humanity and will soon be eliminated with the force of the people of Pakistan. Whole nation is praying for the early recovery of Malala Yousaf Zai who is the beacon of light in a society as a whole and a symbol of peace” .

 Talking to the community Ambassador Khan said “Pakistan will be trade hub during the coming years given its geographical importance. Pakistani Investors should earn revenues by exploring various opportunities in UAE”.